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Shop the Nappy Gurus Period Kits, featuring everything you need to start your reusable period journey with confidence and comfort.

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First Period Kit

Our first period kit helps celebrate your teen or tweens first period. Be prepared with period pants, reusable liner, wipes, wetbag and chocolate!

Period Starter Kit -  SPORTY Cotton Period Pants
Period Starter Kit - SPORTY Cotton Period Pants

Period Underwear Starter Kit, with 3 pairs sporty period pants, two pads, wetbag

Period Underwear Starter Pack - Pretty Period Pants
Period Underwear Starter Pack - Pretty Period Pants

Period Starter Kit: 3 pairs of pretty period pants, 2 day pads, 5 intimate wipes and a wet bag

WheatyBags' -  Period Heat Bag | Heat Pack for Period Cramps
WheatyBags' - Period Heat Bag | Heat Pack for Period Cramps

WheatyBags® Microwave Heat Pack is a multipurpose wheat bag for general use - they are great to help ease menstrual cramps


Welcome to The Nappy Guru Period Kits! We've got kits to make starting or switching to reusable period products, period pants and pads easy and stress-free.

Whether you're approaching your first period or looking to ditch disposables for a more sustainable option, our kits provide all the essentials in one convenient package.

Why Choose the Nappy Guru Period Starter Kits?

Everything You Need to Get Started

Each period starter pack is thoughtfully assembled to include a range of products, such as reusable period pants and pads plus a wetbag, ensuring you have everything to manage your cycle right from the start.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

By choosing reusable options, you’re not only reducing waste but also saving money in the long run. Our kits are designed to offer long-lasting solutions that are kind to both your wallet and the planet.

Comfort and Confidence

Made from soft, absorbent materials like bamboo and cotton, our period products prioritise comfort and effectiveness. They provide reliable protection that helps you feel secure and comfortable during your period.

Ideal for Teens & Tweens

Our first period kits and starter kit for periods are perfect for teens or tweens or anyone new to period pants or reusable pads. If you're looking for a period pack for your daughter, they include easy-to-follow instructions, wet bags and everything needed to make it as easy as possible.

Perfect kit for popping into your school bag for teen periods.

"My daughter was thrilled with this kit. Having begun a topic on puberty and talking about products at home she was unhappy with the amount of single use plastics involved in period products. She now has a set of reusable, Earth friendly products ready for her. The pads are fun and attractive whilst the pants are inconspicuous so I know that she will feel confident and comfortable using them when she needs to" Cheeky First Period Kit Review

Featured Products

Our selection includes a variety of kits tailored to different needs and preferences. From stylish period pants in various designs to absorbent, washable pads that suit different flow levels, each kit is curated to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle and menstrual cycle.

Discover our Period Kits today and embrace a more sustainable, comfortable menstrual experience. Whether you're preparing a period box for your 9 year old daughter or you're ready to make the switch to reusables yourself, we're here to support you every step of the way!