Nappy Kits

Switching to reusable nappies is a breeze with our handy nappy kits and bundles! Our starter packs feature a mix of brands and styles, so you can easily find the perfect fit while discovering the joys of cloth nappies.

Making the switch to reusable nappies doesn’t have to be daunting—our nappy kits and bundles make it fun and easy to ditch disposable nappies!

At The Nappy Gurus, we’ve created awesome starter packs filled with nappies that have been tested and loved by our expert Nappy Guru® team, so you can be confident you're getting the best for your baby.

Why Choose a Reusable Nappy Kit or Bundle?

Our reusable nappy kits and bundles are the perfect way to kick off your cloth nappy journey. These packs come with a variety of brands and styles, making it super simple to test out different options and see what suits your little one best. Trying different nappies gives you a feel for different fits, absorbency levels, and features, helping you figure out what works best for your baby's needs.

Easy Starter Packs

Our reusable nappy starter packs make it a cinch to get started with cloth nappies. These packs come with everything you need for an easy transition, including the nappies themselves and all the must-have accessories.

Our New to Cloth nappy bundle is a big hit with parents who want to test out different types of cloth nappies before committing to a particular brand. This way, you save time, effort, and money while discovering what's best for your baby, from birth to potty.

Benefits of Reusable Nappy Bundles

Choosing a reusable nappy bundle is a win-win! It simplifies the shopping process because each bundle comes with a curated selection of nappies and accessories including wet bags. Plus, bundles are very budget-friendly, offering great value for parents who want to save money while going green.

With our reusable nappy kits and bundles, you can easily start your cloth nappy journey and enjoy all the benefits of comfort, sustainability, and savings they offer.