How to use Terry Nappies

The trusty, traditional terry square has made a come back! They are an economical, absorbent and versatile reusable nappy option that has often been overlooked as they can seem complicated. But all you need to know is how to do a couple of folds, and you won’t look back.


What you will need

Terry Squares

Terry Squares

Squares of cotton terry towelling which can be cleverly folded into a reusable nappy.

Nappy Fastener on Terry Square Nappy

Nappy Fasteners

The modern alternative to a safety pin. Nappy fasteners are the safest way to secure your terry nappy in place.

Nappy Cover

Nappy Covers

Nappy Covers provide a waterproof layer over the top of a terry nappy, and with a choice of prints and colours they look pretty too!


How to fold

There are a number of different folds that you can use for terry towelling nappies, here are some of our favourites:


Terry Square Fold - Neat Fold


Terry Square Fold - Kite Fold


Terry Nappies- Bat Fold


Terry Square - how to fold


Once your nappy is folded, grip it into place with a nappy fastener and team it with your favourite waterproof nappy cover. We love the Seedling Comodo Cover, and the Petit Lulu Pull Up Cover for use with terry squares.


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