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Here at The Nappy Gurus we know that sometimes everyone needs a little help with choosing the right type of product, whether it's nappies or menstrual products we've got you covered. We hope that you'll find the advice you need in our guides and videos.


Nappy Guides

Adult holding baby wearing reusable nappy Find the perfect reusable nappy quiz reusable nappy on a baby
How to choose a great reusable nappy Free Personalised Nappy Advice Get started with reusable nappies


Children at nursery Cloth nappies in a suitcase Washing machine and boy dressed as a superhero
Cloth nappies and childcare Understanding different types of cloth nappies Washing reusable nappies


Newborn baby being held Baby sleeping Pile of washable baby wipes
Reusable nappies for newborns Choosing nappies for night time Beginners guide to reusable baby wipes


Folding a terry nappy square One size nappy on baby Baby wearing glasses and reading a book
How to use terry nappies How to use one size nappies Glossary of nappy terms



splash about swim nappy my carry potty outdoors stack of reusable nappies
Reusable Swim Nappies Potty Training Tips Reusable Nappy Shopping List

Solving Nappy Problems

Tattooed arm holding baby wearing a reusable nappy Lift and squeeze fitting a nappy Reusable nappy SOS
How to prevent nappy leaks How to fit a reusable nappy Nappy SOS? Get in touch

Free Help & Advice

Find the perfect reusable nappy quiz baby in reusable nappy Reusable nappies and voucher Nappy Guru with reusable nappies
Personalised nappy advice Real nappy Council incentive schemes How to redeem your nappy voucher Meet The Nappy Guru Team

Menstrual Product Guides

Cloth Sanitary Pads Wuka Period Pants
Reusable sanitary pads Period pants

Why Choose Cloth?

Save money Disposable nappy abandoned on beach Wooden blocks spelling out myths with plant Choose to reuse - cloth nappy and accessories
Saving money with cloth nappies The environmental impact of disposable nappies Cloth nappy myth busting 5 Reasons to choose to reuse