Getting Started with Reusable Nappies

A reusable nappy simply means a nappy that is washed and reused multiple times, as opposed to a disposable nappy that is used for a single use before being thrown away. Reusable nappies come in many different styles, and modern cloth nappies are generally simple to use, easy to care for and a practical option for most families.

We understand that reusable nappies or cloth nappies can seem confusing at first. But it doesn't need to be this way! At The Nappy Gurus it is our job to get you on the way to reusable nappy success. Ultimately, it is all about selecting a nappy system that suits you, and your lifestyle, and we can certainly help with that. The great news is that once you actually start to use reusable nappies, you'll realise that they are much easier than they first appear. They don't need complicated wash routines, and many styles are just as easy to put on your baby as a disposable nappy is.

We take the guess work out of selecting and using a reusable nappy to suit your needs and your family. So let's begin pointing you in the right direction...

What is a reusable nappy?

When can I start using reusable nappies?

The good news is that you can use reusable nappies from day one! Reusable nappies are safe to use with babies from any age, and in fact many parents are delighted with reusable nappies on their newborns as you experience far less "blow outs" (if you're already a parent, you know what we're talking out!) with reusables. The elastic at the back of the nappy and around the legs really help to keep everything contained, just as it should be. You can learn more about using reusable nappies with a newborn in our guide here

Many parents will opt to wait until after the newborn phase before they being with reusable nappies, and if that works best for you, that is fine too. If you choose that route, you can opt for a one-size reusable nappy that will generally provide a good fit from around the 10lbs / 4.5kg mark and can then be used on your baby right through to approximately 2.5 years, or potty training

What will I need to get started?


You will need somewhere between 15-25 reusable nappies, depending on the age of your baby. We would advise to start with 15 and go from there. You can always add more nappies to your stash if you find you are running out between washes. Check out our Budget Nappy Kit to give you an idea of what you'll need to get going with cloth nappies.

Storage for dirty nappies

These days most people prefer a hanging wet bag over a nappy bucket these days, but either do the job. You just need something large enough to store your wet nappies until wash day. When you’re out and about, a waterproof nappy bag can be carried with you to store your wet nappies until you get home.


Nappy boosters are reusable absorbent pads that can be used inside your nappies to give them a 'boost' of absorbency when you need it. These are useful to have around and bamboo or hemp fibre nappy boosters will provide the best absorbency. 

Disposable Liners

Disposable nappy liners are optional, but can be useful, especially when you reach weaning age. They simply lay inside your nappies to catch solids, and can be disposed of in the bin.


Begin your reusable nappy journey

How you cloth nappy is up to you. You can use nappies of all the same type and brand if you wish, or you can have a stash made up of lots of different types and brands. You can use reusable nappies full-time, or part-time - remember even if you change just one cloth nappy a day, that is one less disposable nappy in the landfill!

Our best advice is to pick up a reusable nappy starter kit from The Nappy Gurus. We offer a range of nappy starter packs and nappy trial kits to ensure you get nappies that are going to work best for you. These include a variety of different styles and brands, so you can discover the ones that you love the most.

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The Nappy Gurus are here to support you in your cloth nappy journey, if you would like help we offer a personalised nappy recommendation service or you can reach out to one of our Nappy Gurus.

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