Beginners Guide To Reusable Baby Wipes

What are reusable wipes?

Washable baby wipes are simply cloths you can use on your baby to clean bottoms, hands or faces, and are the perfect eco-friendly swap for disposable baby wipes. Being reusable means they are so versatile and environmentally friendly at the same time!

Reusable wipes are also very effective, often you will only need to use one washable baby wipe per nappy change, which is vastly different from disposable wipes where you may go through 5-6 wipes per nappy change!

If you are using reusable wipes for hands and faces any types of cloth is fine, but velour, fleece and wet bamboo are the softest materials. For nappy changing we recommend cotton/terry or bamboo as they have a bit more texture for a thorough clean. 


What will I need to get started?


Washable wipes can be used all over the body so you can start with one pack of wipes. Some people prefer to have a set for faces and hands and a set for nappy changes so you may want to consider two packs.


  • Clean Wipes - you can either keep clean wipes dry and wet them as you need them, or you can keep some wet ready for use through the day. You can store your clean wipes in a wet bag or container.


  • Dirty Wipes - if you are using cloth nappies too you can simply pop your used wipes in your wet bag or mesh bag ready for wash day. If you are only using washable wipes you can pop hands and face wipes in a normal wash, but we would advise a separate wash for nappy change wipes, or wash alongside your nappies.


  • Out & About - you can take your clean wipes out and about with you either wet or dry, it's worth having a spare wet bag with you to put your dirty wipes in. If you take them out dry you may want to carry a bottle or spray bottle of water with you.

Wipes solutions

You have a few options as to what you use on your wipes.

1) You may choose to use just water

2) Homemade wipe solutions can be used, such as chamomile tea

3) Poppets is an all natural shea butter and coconut oil based washable wipes solution, that comes in little pods. These can be dissolved in warm water and they smell heavenly! Available in a handy sample pack, a tub and refill packs. Order here

  Poppets reusable wipes solution pods

Can you use reusable wipes from birth?


Absolutely! Reusable wipes can work as a sound alternative to the cotton wool and water as recommended by health care professionals. Regular disposable wipes can be harsh on the skin, which is why cotton wool is suggested in the early days and weeks with a newborn. But reusable wipes contain no harsh chemicals, and are perfectly safe from day one.

How many reusable wipes will I need?


With a newborn baby, you can expect to change 10-12 nappies a day. Plan to use 1-2 reusable wipes per change, and to allow for washing time we recommend having around 30 wipes in total. The more the better as  a general rule of thumb- you will always find uses for them, trust us! The great thing about reusable wipes is that you will only use 1 or 2 per nappy change instead of 5-6 disposable ones- as they have texture to the fibres, they are far more effective at the job.

Do I store my wipes wet or dry?


This is entirely up to you. Many people will store their wipes damp and ready to use, and solutions like Poppets are a great option for this. Alternatively, you can wet or spray as needed.

Do I have to dry my wipes in between washes?


No, if you're storing your wipes wet then they can go straight back into your tub ready to reuse. Simple!

How long can I store them damp?


If using just water, you should use your wipes each day. With a solution like Poppets, your wipes will stay smelling fresh for 3-4 days. We really do recommend giving Poppets a try, and you can pick up a handy sample pack here.

Which wipes should I choose?


All of the reusable wipes stocked here at TNG are tried, tested and loved by the Nappy Guru® team, so you know you can't really go too wrong! We love the Alva Baby wipes sets as a really easy "in" to start out with reusable baby wipes for just £8.95. They are the smallest wipes that we stock, but are a double layered bamboo so feel pretty substantial in that regard.

These wipes are great for on-the-go use too. For a larger wipe, we recommend the Close wipes sets which won Best Reusable Wipes as voted by TNG customers in 2022. These are great because they come in a mixed colour set, so if you did want to use different wipes for hands & faces, and bottoms, these will enable you to do that. These are available with a high quality storage wet wipe storage bag for £15.25, find them here.

Have you seen our Reusable Wipes Starter Kit? For just £24.95 you can pick up everything you need


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Alva Baby Washable Wipes Set
Alva Baby Washable Wipes Set
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Washable Wipes Starter Kit