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Seedling Baby are an Australian owned family-run business who strive to make reusable nappies that are gentle on the baby, the planet and your pockets.

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Seedling Baby Multi-Fit Pocket Nappy
Seedling Baby Multi-Fit Pocket Nappy
Seedling Baby Beach Bag
Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap Plus Size Nappy Cover
Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap Plus Size Nappy Cover

Welcome to Seedling Baby, where our mission is to simplify your parenting journey with cloth nappies that are as easy to use as they are effective. For the past 17 years, our Australian family-owned brand has been crafting nappies that are gentle on your baby, the planet, and your budget. With designs refined on six of our own children, we offer proven solutions that parents trust.

Why Choose Seedling Baby?


Developed and tested within our own family, Seedling Baby products are created with firsthand knowledge of what parents and babies need.


Committed to sustainability, our nappies reduce waste and are crafted with environmentally conscious materials and methods.


Designed to provide long-term savings over disposable nappies, our reusable options are friendly to your wallet and the environment.

Stylish and Functional

Available in a variety of colours and prints, our nappies combine style with practicality, ensuring your baby looks as good as they feel.

From the inception of our brand through the challenge of dressing our first child in a Pavlik harness, we've tailored our products to meet specific needs, including those of children with hip dysplasia. Our journey from homemade nappy experiments to a streamlined family business shows our commitment to quality and community.

Explore The Seedling Baby Range

Nappies and Covers

Designed for comfort and ease of use, seedling baby covers and wraps are the largest that we stock, suitable up to 55lbs!


From wet bags to boosters, complement your cloth nappy needs with our full range of accessories.

At Seedling Baby, we don’t just sell products; we provide solutions that grow with your family. Thank you for choosing us and supporting our journey to make cloth nappies a simple, joyful part of raising your little ones.