Potty Training

When it comes to potty training, you'll find all the gear, and all the tools you need to make it a breeze.

We've worked with potty training expert Amanda Jenner from My Carry Potty to curate our collection of potty training guides and tools, including potties, step stools, reward chards and training pants.

Potty training pants are the best thing since sliced bread! Not only will they save you money over spending on packs of disposable pants they will help you reach your toilet training goals much faster. You see, in order to potty train your child needs to gain that critical recognition of when they are wet. Unfortunately disposable pull-ups are simply too absorbent, and the child has little to no recognition of when they have had a wee. 

Reusable training pants are designed differently, and with a goal to get your child out of them quickly, rather then keep them in them (resulting in you buying more!). They are built with a small amount of absorbency and an internal layer or waterproofing. They will hold one small wee, and will then need to be changed. The outer layer looks and feels like "big pants" and they pull up just like regular pants too! They are ideal to start potty training around the home, simply change as needed, and your child will soon start to develop the recognition of wetness that they need. With practice, you can use the reusable potty training pants while out and about they will serve as a support to catch any little accidents that may occur.

You will also find disposable pull-up training pants here at The Nappy Gurus, as we appreciate that sometimes life just calls for a disposable option. So either way, we have you covered for all things potty training!