Period Pants

Discover comfort and confidence with our range of period pants from top brands like Cheeky, Love Luna, and Wuka—your sustainable solution for menstrual care.
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WUKA Lace Period Pants - Medium Flow
WUKA Basics Period Pants - Medium Flow
WUKA Basics Period Pants - Heavy Flow
WUKA Seamless Period Pants - Medium Flow
WUKA Seamless Period Pants - Heavy Flow
Feeling Cosy - Bamboo Period Boxers
Feeling Pretty - Heavy Period Pants
Feeling Pretty Period Pants - Cheeky
Feeling Sporty - Low-rise Period Pants Girls
High-Waisted Period Panties - Cheeky Comfy
Love Luna Bikini Style Period Pants - Black
Love Luna Bladder Leaks Pants - Maternity
Love Luna Bladder Leaks Pants - Workout
Love Luna Full Brief Period Pants - Black
Love Luna Full Brief Period Pants - Navy
Love Luna Full Brief Period Pants - Pink
Love Luna Swim Period Pants - Full Brief
One Piece Period Swimsuit - Racerback

Pretty Period Pants - Lace Top - Colours
Sassy - Sexy Period Pants - Mid-Rise
WheatyBags' -  Period Heat Bag | Heat Pack for Period Cramps
WheatyBags' - Period Heat Bag | Heat Pack for Period Cramps

WheatyBags® Microwave Heat Pack is a multipurpose wheat bag for general use - they are great to help ease menstrual cramps


Ditch uncomfortable sanitary pads and tampons and switch to our selection of tried and tested period pants at The Nappy Gurus.

We’ve tested an assortment from leading brands like Cheeky, Love Luna, and Wuka period pants, designed to provide you with amazing protection and ultimate comfort during your menstrual cycle.

Why Choose Reusable Period Pants?


Each pair of period underwear offers a reusable alternative to disposable products, helping to reduce landfill waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Variety of Styles and Absorbency Levels

Whether you need light coverage for those lighter days or something more robust for heavy days overnight use, we have options to suit every phase of your cycle.

Most period knickers will hold at least two regular tampons worth of blood, but some hold as much as 6 tampons worth, such as the Cheeky Cosy Period Shorts which are amazing for heavy periods and overnight use.

They're brilliant as teenage period pants and we have some great girls period pants too. The Cheeky Sporty cotton period knickers are amazing teen period pants and with one pair of period pants starting from just £10.49, they're great value for money too.

Comfort and Security

Made from high-quality, breathable fabrics, our period knickers feel just like regular underwear but with the added benefit of built-in menstrual protection. They're perfect for keeping you dry and comfortable all day or night.

Inclusive Sizing from Size 2 to Size 30

We believe everyone deserves comfort during their period, which is why we offer a wide range of sizes. Cheeky boybrief starts from size 2, right through to size 30 in the Cheeky Fearless. Our goal is to provide choices that cater to all body types.

Easy Care Period Undies

Period undies are not only effective but also easy to care for. Simply wash in cold water, air dry then reuse, just like your regular underwear, making them both a convenient and eco-friendly choice. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach.

The Best Period Pants Brands in the UK

We've chosen reusable period protection from the best period pants brands in the UK:

Cheeky Pants

Known for their wide range of styles and sizes, Cheeky period pants are unique in that almost all their period knickers have absorbency to the front and rear waistband, so they're perfect for heavy flow periods.

They're 5 star rated and available in natural bamboo and organic cotton too for additional comfort.

Love Luna

Love Luna specialises in providing everyday comfort and protection, ensuring that you can go about your day with confidence.


A leader in period care innovation, Wuka offers period pants for teens that are tested to be leak-proof and breathable.

Embrace a more comfortable menstrual cycle with our stylish and sustainable period pants. Perfect for anyone seeking a dependable, eco-friendly solution to menstrual care, our collection at The Nappy Gurus has you covered every day of your period.