Reusable Breast Pads

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Bamboo Breast Pads (Reusable) - 3 Pairs

Cheeky Breast Pads - Reusable 3 Pairs

Poppets 'Nips & Lips' Nipple Balm / Lip Balm
Poppets 'Nips & Lips' Nipple Balm / Lip Balm
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Washable Breast Pads - Shaped - 3 Pairs
Washable Breast Pads - Shaped - 3 Pairs

Cheeky Mama Shaped Washable Breast Pads 3 Pairs


Reusable Breast Pads

Welcome to the friendly and eco-conscious home of reusable nursing pads! These washable breast pads are not just great for your wallet; they're also kind to the planet and super comfy for managing milk leaks. Ditch disposable breast pads for comfort

Why Choose Reusable Nursing Pads?

Reusable breast pads are a smart choice for any nursing mom. They are ultra-absorbent and perfect for those moments when you might leak milk. Unlike disposable nursing pads that end up in the landfill, washable breast pads can be washed and reused, significantly reducing waste and helping you lower your environmental impact.

What are the benefits of reusable nursing pads?

One of the biggest benefits of switching to reusable nursing pads is their cost-effectiveness. Invest once and save money in the long run since these pads are designed to last and can withstand many washes. Plus, they're made from natural materials like bamboo, which is gentle on sensitive skin and highly absorbent.

What are the best reusable breast pads

Here at The Nappy Gurus, we’ve carefully selected a variety of the best reusable breast pads, tested and loved by us. For those dealing with frequent breast milk leaks, Little Lamb Nursing Pads are a fantastic choice. Made from bamboo, they're incredibly absorbent and soft against the skin.

'Soo comfy. Got these as disposable ones are so expensive. Never realised how comfortable these would be. They don't stick to you and they are thin enough that you hardly notice them. Definitely buying a second set and would 100% recommend.' Little Lamb Breast Pads Review

If you're after maximum leak protection, check out 5 Star Rated Cheeky Bamboo Breast Pads. These feature a waterproof PUL backing to keep wet patches at bay, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable.

"Good product. Thick and absorbent, wash well. Just pop in with any washing. Better then going through lots of disposable ones. Set of 3 tends to be enough as with a newborn normally have load of washing a day or every other day, but 2 lots would be more handy as they are thick they take while to dry." Cheeky Breast Pads Review

For those with smaller busts or who prefer a more tailored fit, the shaped nursing pads from Cheeky are ideal. They're countoured to follow the natural contours of your breast, minimising visibility and providing a snug, discreet fit. Plus, they come with a handy mesh bag, making them easy to wash without losing a single pad.

Please Note:

Always wash your reusable breast pads before use to enhance their absorbency. Avoid using fabric softeners as they can reduce absorbency. With proper care, your washable nursing pads can help you manage producing milk comfortably and sustainably.

Switch to reusable nursing pads today and experience a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to manage milk leaks while keeping your skin and the planet happy!