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Little Lamb Breast Pads

Reusable Breast Pads

Delve into the eco-conscious, and sustainable world of reusable breast pads. Taking a greener approach to nursing, these full machine washable nursing pads offer convenience, comfort, and superior leak protection. 

As a nursing mum, managing leaks and maintaining breast hygiene is essential. Reusable breast pads offer a sustainable, cost-effective, and comfortable solution.

Benefits of Reusable Nursing Pads

One of the main advantages of reusable breast pads is the fact that they are waste free. Unlike disposable breast pads, these washable ones add nothing to landfill, and can help to lower your carbon footprint.

You will also find them to be cost effective! By investing in a good quality set of nursing pads, you can achieve long term cost savings. These pads are durable, and designed to withstand multiple washes, making them a budget-friendly choice for breastfeeding mothers.

Best Reusable Breast Pads

At The Nappy Gurus we offer a range of the best reusable nursing pads that we've tried and tested. You can find pads made from absorbent bamboo fibre, designed for milk leaks, such as the Little Lamb Nursing pads. Should you want an even superior level of leak protection, consider the Baba + Boo Breast Pads, as they feature a waterproof PUL backing.

For a contoured fit, choose the nursing pads from Close. Shaped the fit the natural contours of the breast, they offer an improved fit and reduce the chance of visible lines. They even come packed in a handy mesh bag, which is great for laundering.