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Love Luna Mission

Love Luna started in 2017 to make period products that are good for you and the planet. Traditional pads and tampons contribute to billions of period products in landfills each month, taking hundreds of years to break down. They wanted to change that.

Why We Started

We saw a need for eco-friendly period products. Tweens, new mums, and people tired of disposable options needed something that didn’t hurt the environment. With experience in the underwear industry, our founders created a solution. In 2018, we they launched our period undies, they were the first to do so in Australia. This was followed by our 'Love Luna Period Swimwear' shortly after!

Love Luna Period Products

Love Luna’s products are sustainable, affordable, and comfy. We focus on comfort and quality while making our products available to everyone. Their period briefs are both comfortable and eco-friendly.

Continuous Improvement

Each season, we enhance our range based on customer feedback, scientific research, and new eco-friendly materials. We stick to our values of sustainability, comfort, and inclusivity, always refining our products.

Our Pride

We are proud to be an Australian-designed and owned business. We’re committed to helping our customers and the environment for a long time.