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The Nappy Gurus selection of baby changing mats & bed wetting mats.

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Bed Wetting Mat - Cheeky
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Bells Bumz Change & Go
Portable Changing Mat - Portable Nappy Change Mat
Portable Changing Mat - Portable Nappy Change Mat

Cheeky portable nappy change mats are super soft & extra large, warm & cosy!


Welcome to our carefully selected Baby Changing Mats at The Nappy Gurus! Whether you're changing your little one at home, on the go, or managing nighttime training, we have the perfect solution for you. Our range of changing mats ensures comfort, convenience, and cleanliness, making diaper changes easier and more pleasant for both you and your baby.

Featured Products

  1. Cheeky XL Portable Change Mat: Ideal for active families, this extra-large mat provides ample space for your baby, ensuring a hygienic barrier between them and public changing facilities. It’s easy to fold, lightweight, and comes in stylish designs, making it a must-have in your baby gear arsenal.

'Great size mat. Fully covers most public change tables and has also come in as a mini ‘picnic’ blanket on occasion. Folds up nice and small and slips easily into a standard size rucksack for when the full change bag is not wanted.' Cheeky Portable Changing Mat

  1. Bells Bumz Change and Go: This innovative product combines the convenience of a portable changing mat with the functionality of a diaper clutch. It has pockets for storing nappies and wipes, and it folds up into a sleek, compact pouch. Perfect for quick trips and designed to make diaper changes on the move as smooth as possible.
  2. Cheeky Bed Wetting Mat: Transitioning from nappies to nighttime dryness is a big step. Our Cheeky Bed Wetting Mat protects the mattress while offering a comfortable, absorbent layer for your child. It’s an essential tool in nighttime potty training, helping to manage accidents without disrupting sleep.

"This is brilliant as it saves me washing all the bedsheets if our son has an accident, means I can just whip this away and he has a nice dry bed underneath." Cheeky Bed Wetting Mat Review

Why Have We Chosen These Changing Mats?

  • Comfort and Protection: Our mats are cushioned and gentle on your baby’s skin, providing a safe and soft surface for changes.
  • Easy to Clean: Made with washable or wipe-clean materials, our mats ensure messes are contained and cleaned up with ease.
  • Portable and Convenient: Designed for modern parents, our mats are lightweight and foldable, equipped with features like pockets and handles for easy transport.
  • Durable and Stylish: Not only built to last, our selected changing mats also come in a variety of designs that you’ll love to show off.

Supporting Every Change

At The Nappy Gurus, we understand that changing your baby can happen anywhere—at home, in the park, or at grandma’s house. That’s why we offer products that support all scenarios, ensuring you’re always prepared for the unexpected diaper duty.

Explore our selection now and find the perfect changing mat to complement your lifestyle and enhance your baby care routine. Remember, our Nappy Guru® team is always here to assist you with product advice and support, making your parenting journey as smooth as possible!