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We've got a great selection of reusable and disposable nappy liners, which catch poo and make it easier to get rid of!

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Little Lamb Disposable Liners
Little Lamb Disposable Liners
Bambino Mio Reusable Fleece Liners
Little Lamb Fleecy Liners
Bambino Mio Messless Nappy Liners
Bambino Mio Messless Nappy Liners
Cheeky Reusable Fleece Nappy Liners - Grey  - 10 pack
Cheeky Reusable Fleece Nappy Liners - Grey - 10 pack

Pack of 10 Grey Reusable Fleece Nappy Liners

Little Lamb Shaped Fleece Liners

Nappy liners are designed to lay inside your reusable nappies on top of the nappy against your baby's skin. They're basically there to catch poo and make it easier to dispose of, although fleece liners do also act as a stay dry layer.

Liners can be disposable or reusable, depending on your personal preference, however we do recommend reusable liners as there's less waste. And you'll save money too!

What are disposable nappy liners made from?

Disposable nappy liners are made from plant-based materials like paper or cellulose. You can just place them inside a reusable nappy to catch solid waste."

These can then be disposed of at nappy change time, and should be discarded in a bin rather than flushed.

Having them on hand is always helpful, even if you don't use them regularly. It's always helpful to have them available, even if you don't use them often. They can be particularly useful during the weaning stage. This is when your child may get teething-related diaper rash and need nappy rash or barrier cream.

That's when it is a good idea to use a nappy liner which stops these creams transferring onto your nappies which might affect their absorbency.

What are reusable nappy liners made from?

Reusable nappy liners are made from stay-dry materials like polyester or micro-fleece. They are designed to be placed inside your reusable nappies, creating a comfortable stay-dry layer against your baby's skin.

Poo will tend to come off these liners pretty easily and can make change time and poo disposal easier. If you do have any stubborn remains you can hold the liner in the toilet bowl, and flush (just make sure you have a good hold of the liner!)

Our most popular reusable nappy liner are the Little Lamb Liners - when you feel how luxuriously soft they are you'll understand why!