Baba + Boo are a UK based reusable nappy brand who are well loved for their versatile and leak-proof one size pocket nappies. 

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Baba + Boo One Size Nappies
Baba + Boo Small Wet Bag
Baba + Boo Small Wet Bag
Baba + Boo Make-Up Removal Pads

Baba and Boo Reusable Nappies

Baba + Boo stands out in the eco-friendly baby care market not only for their high-quality products but also for their commitment to positive change. Renowned for their reusable nappies and accessories, Baba and Boo combines fabulous design with environmental responsibility, making them a favourite among eco-conscious parents.

Wide Range of Baba&Boo Products

Baba + Boo offers a fantastic range of products for easy baby changing.

Baba + Boo One Size nappies, acclaimed for their reliability and ease of use, feature an innovative pocket design with a double gusset that provides extra leak protection.

The soft fleece lining ensures a dry feeling on the skin, crucial for preventing nappy rash, and the adjustable snaps allow their cloth nappies to grow with your baby from newborn to potty training.

Not just Nappies

At The Nappy Gurus, we also carry an extended line of Baba + Boo products, including their specially designed newborn reusable nappies, which are perfect for even the tiniest of babies. We also stock additional natural fibre boosters and bamboo inserts which provide additional absorbency for night time or heavy wetters.

Baba & boo make up removing pads also offer a natural, gentle face cleansing solution for mums!

Excellent Wet Bags

Completing the lineup, Baba + Boo's wet bags are an essential accessory for any parent using reusable nappies. These bags are not only practical for storing soiled nappies but also ideal for swimsuits or gym clothes, making them a versatile tool for day-to-day parenting.

Supporting Global Charities

Beyond their products, Baba and Boo is dedicated to making a difference in the world by supporting various charities and organisations. Their commitment to social responsibility is reflected in their business ethos, where a portion of their profits supports causes that improve the lives of children and families around the globe.

In summary, Baba + Boo isn't just about providing high-quality, sustainable products but also about engaging a community of parents who are eager to make environmentally responsible choices.