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The Nappy Gurus: National nappy incentive scheme


Welcome to the National Reusable Nappy Incentive Scheme, provided by The Nappy Gurus. A number of regional council authorities provide vouchers, cashback or kit incentives to encourage residents to move away from disposable nappies, but these are not available in every region, and their availability varies widely. Our 2022 Great Big Nappy Census found that 86% of parents would use an incentive to give reusables a try, so we wanted to help bridge that gap, enabling parents to access an incentive, regardless of their postcode.

Why should I switch & save?

We know that reusable nappies are not only a sounder environmental choice, but they are also kinder to your budget; and our incentive programme makes them even more so! When you make the switch to reusable nappies you will save money and help to save the planet too.

  • Save Money? By the time your child is out of nappies, you will have spent almost £1200 on single use nappies, bags and wipes. In contrast, we know that reusable nappy parents typically spend under £300 in total for their reusable nappies and accessories. If you are concerned about washing costs and want to find out more you can check out our cost analysis.
  • Save The Planet? Not only are disposables a huge financial burden, they are also a huge waste of resources. A child in disposable nappies will generate almost 900kg of nappy waste during their first two years of infancy, and these nappies take many hundreds of years to degrade. The stark reality is that every disposable nappy ever made that has ended up in landfill, will still be there today. Even switching one nappy a day to a reusable nappy will save 365 from landfill every single year!

How does the Nappy Incentive Scheme help?

The National Nappy Incentive Scheme, from The Nappy Gurus, is helping parents to make the switch to reusable nappies as simple as possible. Our scheme gives you the opportunity to access one of FOUR incentive pack options, as listed below, which will give you a chance to try reusable nappies at a subsided rate. You can choose the one that best suits you, and you will also receive a bundle of vouchers worth up to £165!


Nappy Newcomer

The Nappy Newcomer gives you a chance to try a reusable nappy without any of the financial risk or worries. This is a great option if you just want to see what a reusable nappy is and get an idea of how they work.


  • A one-size reusable nappy 
  • Samples of wipes/liners/boosters
  • Our guide to reusable nappies
  • Exclusive vouchers worth up to £165

RRP up to: £16.95
Incentive Price: £5.95
Saving you up to £11!


Cloth Curious

If you feeling curious about using reusable nappies then this is the kit for you. We've packed some of our bestsellers and most reliable nappies into this kit, giving you a variety of styles to see what works best for you and your little one.


  • Bells Bums Roller All-in-One Nappy
  • La Petite Ourse All-in-One
  • Little Lamb Pocket Nappy
  • Alva Baby Pocket Nappy + Hemp Booster
  • Samples of wipes/liners/boosters
  • Our guide to reusable nappies
  • Exclusive vouchers worth up to £165

RRP: £55
Incentive Price: £29.95
Saving you over £25!


Discovery kit

This Discovery Kit is perfect if you know you want to use reusable nappies but aren't sure on which to choose or how to get started. It includes a range of popular styles and bestselling brands, so you can discover all the different features of reusable nappies.


  • Bells Bums Roller All-in-One Nappy
  • La Petite Ourse All-in-One Nappy
  • Little Lamb One Size Pocket
  • Baba + Boo Pocket Nappy
  • Alva Baby Pocket Nappy + Hemp Booster
  • Bells Bumz Hemp Fitted Nappy
  • Bells Bumz Breeze Nappy Cover
  • Samples of wipes/liners/boosters
  • Our guide to reusable nappies
  • Exclusive vouchers worth up to £165

RRP: £95
Incentive Price: £54.95
Saving you over £40!


Newborn Kit

The Newborn Kit is ideal if you are currently pregnant and want to use reusable nappies from birth, or if you currently have a newborn and want to get started right away. We've included our favourite nappies that are ideal for babies from 4lbs.


  • Bells Bumz Newborn Pocket Nappy
  • Bells Bumz Newborn Roller All-in-One
  • Bells Bumz Fitted Newborn Nappy
  • Bells Bumz Newborn Nappy Cover
  • Muslinz Newborn Size Prefold
  • Samples of wipes/liners/boosters
  • Our guide to reusable nappies
  • Exclusive vouchers worth up to £165

RRP: £45
Incentive Price: £24.95
Saving you over £20!



How do I apply and choose my kit?

If you are ready to apply for our National Nappy Incentive Scheme, you can use the application form above and we will be in touch once your application has been checked and approved. If you're unsure if you are eligible for this scheme you can check the FAQs below. Once your application has been approved you will receive an email which will allow you access to our subsidised reusable nappy packs (If you do not have an Nappy Gurus account we will make you one at this stage).Simply choose the pack you would like and add it to your basket, you can then add any other products from our site and checkout. Your kit will be with you in a few working days and you can start on your reusable nappy journey!


Our national napy incentive scheme is supported by: Bellz Bumz, Poppets, Seedling Baby, Baba + Boo, Cheeky, AlvaBaby, LittleLamb, MuslinZ and Bambino Mio.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for this scheme?

To qualify for The Nappy Gurus National Reusable Nappy Scheme you must:

  • live in the United Kingdom
  • have a child under 12 months or currently be pregnant
  • apply above using our simple application form
  • be able to provide a valid MATB1 form, Birth or Adoption Certificate if requested. We will be randomly spot checking applications to confirm eligibility.

Can I purchase more than one kit? 

A maximum of one reusable nappy incentive application will be accepted per child, from a parent or guardian name on the MATB1 form, Birth or Adoption Certificate.

Can I also use my local council nappy scheme?

Our Reusable Nappy Incentive scheme is run independently of any council run schemes, so you may apply for both. Find a full list of available council run nappy schemes here.

I live locally, can I collect my pack?

Yes you can! Place your order online as usual and select the local collection method at checkout.

What vouchers will I get?

Vouchers will change as the scheme progresses, but we can reveal that the current set of vouchers is as follows:

  • 20% off Baba + Boo Nappies
  • £10 off any Babymel Changing Bag
  • 15% off a Tula or ErgoBaby Carrier
  • £5 off a Reusable Nappy Accessory Kit
  • £19 off the Bambino Mio Supreme Pack
  • 25% off Bells Bumz Newborn Nappies
  • £10 to spend at The Kid Collective

How do I wash and care for my reusable nappies?

You can find clear and concise advice to caring for your reusable nappies here

Where can I ask for support with using the nappies?

Our expert Nappy Guru® team are always on hand to support you! As a great starting point we recommend accessing our free Reusable Nappy Guide here or requesting some personalised advice from one of the team.


Join the chat over in our Facebook group The Nappy Guru Place- we would love to welcome you!