How To Use One Size Nappies

One Size Nappies are also known as Birth to Potty (B2P) nappies, and they are designed to fit your baby from newborn right through to potty training.

Although one-size nappies claim to fit from 8lbs upwards, in reality you probably won’t get a great fit until the 10lb mark. If you are expecting a smaller baby, you might want to consider investing in some newborn sized nappies until your little one fits more comfortably into a one size nappy.

One Size Nappies are the most popular type of modern cloth nappy and they are super economical as you don’t need to purchase multiple sizes of different nappies.


How they work

One Size Nappies usually feature rows of snaps or poppers on the front of the nappy, which get snapped into position so that the nappy can grow with your baby! All of those poppers can seem a bit scary at first, but our video guide can help you to get your head around positioning these. The good news is you don’t need to unsnap these at each nappy change, only when your baby grows out of one size setting and is ready for the next one.


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