WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass.. nothing should hold you back on your periods.
All their period pants are made from sustainable materials, are 100% Vegan, chemical free and are super comfortable!

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Page 1 of 1:    16 Items

WUKA are sustainability campaigners who believe we should leave behind no footprint. Their aim is to replace disposable pads and tampons with a sustainable, plastic-free option whilst also ridding of body negativity and period taboos. Their period pants are made from sustainable materials such as Organic Cotton, they are all 100% Vegan and chemical free and the whole brand is approved by PETA. The period pants come in a range of styles and flows, all the WUKA pants are black as they are keeping the use of dyes to a minimum. All WUKA packaging is made from FSC Certified cardboard so is fully recyclable.. Finally a comfortable and sustainable period!

The Nappy Guru® team are big fans of period underwear in general, they really are a gamechanger. It's easy to forget you are even on your period, there is no discomfort, no shifting around of pads, and are also a really fantastic option for night time use. Opt for a Heavy flow pant, and have the security that there won't be any pesky leaks by morning.

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