When I first started looking at period pants for myself around 4 years ago, I scoured the internet for hours looking for the best brand.
I initially tried a 'budget' brand and when I received them, I wasn't impressed with the material nor the fit, so my search continued. 

I finally settled on WUKA for a few reasons;

Style - they seemed to be the only brand that sat a little higher on the tummy (back then the only style they made was the Ultimate Midi-Brief) 

Location - back then, they were the only UK based brand

Reliability  - clearly this is something that is important when it comes to period pants, and the feedback I'd found was reassuring. 

I ordered one pair, hoping I'd get on okay and be able to place a further order!

I suffer with fairly heavy periods due to endometriosis and I was sceptical as to whether, I'd be able to rely on them. 

As you may know like nappies they take a while to increase their absorbency through washing and the more I wore them, the more I was satisfied they were up to the job! 

I ordered more pairs and decided to trust them enough to try them through the night - and I've never looked back!

Happy lady wearing period pants


When I started working for The Nappy Gurus, my main role was procurement of the eco-products and of course, WUKA were top of my list!

Since then, WUKA have added another 4 styles to their collection, a High-Waisted, Bikini, Hipster and more recently Seamless.

The Hipster is from the Basics Collection - whereby the style is simpler and the product is manufactured in higher volumes, meaning any savings are passed on to the customer. Thus making the Basics Hipster a better option for someone who is on a budget. Don't let that put you off; the reliability, style and overall feel of the WUKA Basics Hipster have not suffered! In fact, I'd go as far as to say, they're near the top of my list in terms of favourite styles.

They are all extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day ( I have all styles ) with a preference for the Midi or the High-Waisted for night time.

Lady wearing period pants  Lady wearing period pants

Review of the Wuka Period Pants collection

Ultimate Midi-Brief Period Pants

front shot of period pants back shot of period pants

Measurements (size M): The absorbent panel sits 4" below the waistband at the back and 6" below at the front. The waistband at the side measures 4"

Fit: Comfy fit, full bum coverage, mid-waist.

Flow: Light - Heavy

Material: Micro-Modal

High-Waisted Period Pants

front shot of period pants back shot of period pants

Measurements (size M): The absorbent panel sits 7" below the waistband at the back and 5.5" below at the front. The waistband at the side measures 7"

Fit: A little high in the waist for a shorty like me (4ft 8), waistband sits comfortably, tummy area panel feels a little loose, perfect for the hourglass figure, full bum coverage.

Flow: Medium

Material: Micro-Modal

Bikini Style Period Pants

front shot of period pants back shot of period pants

Measurements (size M): The absorbent panel sits 7" below the waistband at the back and just under 5" at the front. The waistband at the side measures 2.5"

Fit: Waistband sits in the same region as the high-waisted, very high leg, good bum coverage in terms of height, mid bum coverage in terms of width.

Flow: Medium

Material: 100% cotton

Hipster Period Pants

front shot of period pants back shot of period pants

Measurements (size M): The absorbent panel goes all the way up to the waistband at the back and around 2.5" below at the front. The waistband at the side measures just over 2.5"

Fit: Low waist, medium leg, medium to full bum coverage. Extremely comfortable, considering I'm not usually a hipster style fan.

Flow: Medium

Material: 100% Cotton

Seamless Period Pants

front shot of period pants back shot of period pants

Measurements (size M): The absorbent panel sits just under 8" below the waistband at the back and just over 4" below at the front. The waistband at the side measures around 4"

Fit: Comparable fit to the midi-brief, full bum coverage - I found the bum really generous, more so than the other styles. I dropped down a size to a size small and the bum was a better fit and they still stretched enough on the waistband to be comfortable. Truly seamless with a streamlined finish.

Flow: Light, Medium & Heavy

Material: Recycled Nylon

Boxer Style Period Pants

WUKA Period Pants Boxers style from the front WUKA Period Pants Boxer style from the back

Fit: The absorbent panel is similar to the shape of the bikini cut. The panel sits 3.5" from the waistband at the front and 8" at the back. The waistband to the bottom of the leg is just under 11". They are very comfortable and perfect for those who don't like the traditional pant style.

Flow: Medium

Material: Micro-Modal

*all measurements are taken from the 'Medium' size and will differ between sizes

Lady wearing period pants
Lady wearing period pants
Lady wearing period pants



WUKA  - is also a huge hit with our team TNG, here is what they had to say...

Shovorne's review of the Seamless  - Heavy Flow

"Oh my gosh, WUKAAAAAA, I love you! Initial impressions is that felt lovely and are really soft. The seamless elastic around the waist feels really formed, so I wasn't sure it was going to have much give to get my big bum in them!

They stretched absolutely fine. I was also worried they'd be chaffing in the knicker line, but they were SOOOO good, I didn't even realise I had them on. I wore them for 6-8 hours and I felt dry the whole time. I completely forgot I had them on!
After taking them off, I could see where I had saturated them and there was so much more surface area left that wasn't saturated, so I feel these would work for someone with a much heavier period than me. 

Considering this is my first period after having JT, they've been fabulous and I don't think I'll be using anything else from now on!"

Meg's review of WUKA Seamless - Medium Flow

"These pants fit really well over my C-Section 'pouch' and were really comfortable. Some pants can fall down and sit against my scar which can be uncomfortable, but these sat over it perfectly. 
They lasted all day on my 'normal/medium' flow day. 

I found they did gather and wrinkle a little on the back where the absorbent part stops, but it didn't show through my jeans".

Hazel's review of the Seamless - Heavy Flow

"My first impressions when I took them out of the packaging was how super silky they felt, but also how tiny they looked. Once I'd tried them on, they fit like a snug glove. First wear, I wore them overnight with my cup, the band at the top is firm but doesn't dig in.

I kept them on for my workout which was using weights, bands and working on the floor. There was no bunching up or slipping down the waist. I wanted to really give them the test so I went for a 10 mile run (without the cup). During the run my stomach felt supported and the rise on them is perfect, it doesn't come up above the band of my leggings. Zero chaffing and they are honestly the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. 

I also have the bikini and high-waist styles from WUKA and I would say that the bum coverage on the seamless is similar to that of the high-waist."

Hazel has since run a marathon in her WUKA seamless and says "Amazing! No chaffing or bunching and zero adjustments needed!"

Sammie's review of WUKA Seamless - Medium Flow

"I've been using reusable pads for a while now, but have never been brave enough to make the leap to period pants. The WUKA Seamless pants have been a game changer for me, especially for work! Working as a Vet Nurse in a busy practice means I sometimes don't get the chance to get to the loo as often as I'd like! The seamless pants lasted a whole shift, no leaks, no bunching up and they were so comfortable. As the name suggests, they are seamless so they also don't show through my scrubs! BONUS!

They're also amazingly slim for how absorbent they are! I was worried it would feel a bit bulky, but honestly I felt like I was wearing normal pants! I've definitely been converted to the world of period pants!"

Julie's review of the WUKA Seamless - Medium Flow

"The WUKA Seamless Period pants come in lovely paper packaging which if you're 'eco-minded' it feels like you're unwrapping something really special!

The fabric is super soft and silky, but I found they made my jeans slip down a bit. I think I must have a short torso as they came up quite high on my tummy and stuck out the top of my jeans. Not as tight fitting as the WUKA bikini style (same size), but still left me with a slight muffin top, however they were really comfortable to wear. 

My first use was to back-up a cup and I didn't experience any leaks. They washed well and I wore them again at the end of my cycle when I would normally wear a mini CSP. I wasn't disappointed with the level of protection and again had no leaks, they did not bunch up at all and I didn't feel like I was wearing extra protection pants! This pair will remain a staple in my rotation during my period."

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WUKA Basics Period Pants - Medium Flow
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WUKA Seamless Period Pants - Medium Flow

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