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Cloth Nappies For Childcare

For a lot of cloth nappy parents the idea of their childcare provider using cloth nappies too can be a bit of a worry. However, with reusable alternatives becoming much more common, most nurseries and childcare providers are extremely happy to jump on board with cloth nappies!

The first thing to do is to talk to your setting, whether it's a family member, childminder or nursery; explain your reasoning for wanting to ditch the disposables and answer any questions they might have.
Explain what you will be sending each day and come to some agreements on what is best for both sides, most people choose to send velcro all-in-ones or pocket nappies for ease as they are most similar to disposables.

It's also worth discussing the poo, not all nurseries will have the facilities or time to be scraping nappies so may wish to roll them up and send them home for you, where as smaller settings may be more than happy to get involved with the scraping!                     

What you will need:

  • Nappies- number will depend on the amount of time they are in childcare but remember to send an extra one in case of leaks.
  • Wet bag- to send home dirties, make sure they know nappy sacks are not needed and they can put the nappies straight into the bag.
  • Wipes- it might be worth asking if the childcare setting would prefer them to be brought in wet or dry.
  • Liners- if using disposable then a polite reminder they are not flushable may be needed.
  • Spare clothes- remember they are new to cloth and might have a couple of fit related leaks so send extra clothes!

Our top tips for you:

  • Pre-stuff all your nappies- send all your nappies in pre-stuffed for ease, if using liners you could consider lying them in the nappy ready.
  • Use the same/similar nappy type - this will help to reduce confusion as some nappies fit differently to others.
  • Support them with the fit- a demonstration can be useful, however with current circumstances this may not be possible! We have made a handy printable guide below that you can put in your child's bag.


Download our printable guide to send to your childcare setting here: Cloth Nappies & Childcare


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