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Tula Explore Baby Carrier - Harbour Skies
Tula Explore Linen Baby Carrier - Ash
Tula Explore Linen Baby Carrier - Eucalyptus
Tula Explore Linen Baby Carrier - Mango
Tula Free To Grow Baby Carrier - Eucalyptus
Tula Free To Grow Baby Carrier - Play
Tula Free To Grow Baby Carrier - Sleepy Dust

Tula Toddler Carriers

If you're looking for a comfortable baby carrier, that is suitable for newborn babies, look no further. Tula baby carriers are super easy to use and provide a comfortable way to carry your baby, at home or whilst out and about.  

A revolution in the world of baby carriers, Tula Baby combine comfort, functionality and style; making them a must have in any parenting arsenal! 

Why we love the Tula Baby Carriers

Supporting parents everywhere in the quest for hands free parenting, Tula Baby offer a simple solution. A baby carrier that is simple to use, comfortable for both baby and caregiver, and that provides a supportive fit. The carriers feature comfy padded shoulder straps, a wide and padded lumbar support strap, and a fully adjustable chest strap. This means you can be sure of a fit that provides superior comfort, and an even weight distribution. 

The Tula Explore baby carrier goes even further. Featuring extra leg padding, this carrier provides for extra comfort when worn for long periods. It also has easy to adjust straps making it ideal for multiple wearers. 

Easy to use baby carrier

Tula carriers are designed for simplicity and convenience. The straightforward buckles and straps make it effortless to get your baby in and out of the carrier. No more struggling with complicated features or ties – just strap your baby in, adjust, and you're ready for a day of bonding and hands free adventures! With an even weight distribution, you can enjoy long walks or navigate an urban environment with ease. 

Newborn to Toddler carrier

Tula Baby have perfected a baby carrier in the Free to Grow that provides a streamlined fit for newborn babies, through to toddlers. It adjusts in two width settings and three height settings to allow for snug positions from newborn through to early toddlerhood. The Tula Free to Grow comes with a coordinating hood ideal for head support, sun protection and extra privacy whilst nursing.

The Tula toddler carrier is an excellent choice for any stage, providing maximum functionality.