Beginners Guide To Period Pants

Period Pants

Period Pants are a reusable alternative to disposable sanitary pads. They are a pair of pants with a built in sanitary pad that can be worn for up to 8 hours or overnight! Here at The Nappy Gurus, we stock WUKA Period Pants which come in a range of styles and flows to suit your needs, they don't look or feel bulky and are a brilliant option for active days or overnight.

When it’s time to change your pants, you can simply place it in a wet bag or wash bag. Some people rinse their pants by hand, but you can also rinse them in the washing machine before the main wash which is easier. After washing, hang them up to dry, ready for their next use.

Reusable menstrual products are often more absorbent than the disposable kind and so much more comfortable. They smell less, itch less and are less likely to cause allergic reactions or rashes.

If you feel nervous about making the switch, start gradually. Start using them over night or while at home. You'll be a convert in no time!

To find out more about the different styles, see what our Gurus thought and find which pair is best for you, take at look at our blog post here.

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