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Meet The NAPPY GURU® Team

Petra runs the popular A Mum Reviews blog, and has used many different types and brands (including for a newborn!). She has 3 children and discovered cloth with her middle child. She used them from 6months onwards and then from birth with her youngest.  

Tallie is a hypnobirthing doula based in London who came to cloth after the birth of her 2nd baby. She loves talking cloth with new parents and seeing the light bulb moment when they realise it is way easier to do then they thought. After mastering the ease of cloth nappies she has recently begun using reusable sanitary wear and it has been a game changer.

Paige is based in the North East, and loves to inspire parents to give cloth nappies a try! She has used cloth nappies on both of her children, and is always working on building her "dream stash" of nappies!


Diane is from Northern Ireland, and volunteers for the Nappy Advice Service NI. She is a mum of three and has used cloth on her second child from 6 months old and on her third child from birth. Diane loves to talk all things cloth!



Laura has been using cloth since her first baby and is soon to have another and cloth from birth. she loves helping people get started with cloth, whether they use one a day or full time she believes every swap is amazing. 

Meg's enthusiasm for all things sustainable is infectious! Her love for cloth nappies came after borrowing a lending kit from a local cloth nappy library- and now she runs that library single-handedly! She used cloth nappies full time on her little boy Harley-Beau from the age of 4 months, until he potty trained at just over 3. 

Claudia started using cloth nappies when her eldest was 4 months old (she is now 6!) and with her second from birth. her day job is in finance, but in her spare time she loves spreading the word about reusable nappies. Claudia says: "you don't need to cloth full time to make a difference".


Amy started her eco journey in her early 20's, and knows all there is to know about Cloth Sanitary Products. She joined the cloth nappy community when pregnant with Eden. Amy has been using cloth for over 18 months, making amazing friends along the way and still enjoys finding new ways to lessen her negative impact on the planet. 

Nappy Guru Chloe of Team TNG

Toria joins us here at The Nappy Gurus with her bilingual son, Miguel and her husband, they are a British/Colombian household so there is always lots of salsa dancing around the kitchen. Toria's husband was the first to research cloth nappies and Miguel has been cloth bummed since birth. Toria wants to help promote cloth in her local community. She is due another little one in January'22 and is excited to use cloth from birth again.

Chloe is our resident flat nappy expert. She has 3 children and 2 of those currently in cloth. She started using them with her middle child and went on to use them from birth with her youngest. She runs a popular Instagram account writing honest reviews on a wide variety of cloth nappies. Her main passions are sharing budget options and flat nappies too.

Sammie started using cloth with her daughter when she was 3 months old and since then has proudly helped many people along with their cloth nappy journey.

She is  based in Bournemouth and we are excited to have Sammie on our team.

Frith is a mum of 4, her youngest was born in December 2021. She started using cloth when her eldest son was 10 weeks old and the next three from birth. That is now 7+ years of experience and even more to come.
Her love of cloth and the planet has transferred to her making eco conscious choice in other aspects of her life. 


Hazel-Ann is our cloth-nappy whizz kid based in Shetland, and has been converting parents for many years with The Nappy Gurus. She has used cloth nappies exclusively on all 4 of her children from birth, and is a true expert!

Julie covers the Rutland & Melton Mowbray area of the UK, and also works as a breastfeeding peer supporter. She firmly advocates using cloth nappies, even if full-time use is not quite for you!

Claire used cloth nappies from birth with her now 3 year old boy and is currently using them with her daughter too. She is passionate about getting others just as excited as she is about cloth and loves all the beautiful patterns and prints. Her nappy stash brings her joy and she loves to photograph her nappies!

Jennie is a mum to three little ones. she started off with just one nappy around her eldest’s first birthday and her love for cloth grew from there! she clothed her younger two from birth and is really excited to help other families find the love for cloth too.


As a passionate environmentalist Brynja is a big fan of reducing waste. Having planned to use cloth with her son she finally started doing so full time when he was 1 years old until he potty trained. She believes It’s never too late to start and is happy to help you get going with cloth. 

Sarah runs Parenting North East’s Sling and Nappy Library and is Mum of 4, soon to be 5.She started using terry squares 15 years ago, and currently uses a mixture of fitted and all-in-two nappies. She loves helping others to move towards a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Tom became obsessed with all things Cloth when his wife was pregnant with their daughter B in 2020. B has been in cloth since 5 days old and they are still using them fulltime.
Tom is a massive football and rugby fan and enjoys Gardening or working on the allotment with his wife. he occasionally treats himself to some time on the golf course too.




If you wish to get in touch with one of our team via email or for face-to-face support, please contact us and we will pass your details on to the relevant member of The Nappy Guru® Team.