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Looking into using reusable nappies can be a little bit daunting at first, and you may not be sure what you need to get started. Here at The Nappy Gurus we are all about keeping things simple and getting started on cloth is no exception! There are so many great benefits to making the switch to reusable nappies - find the top 5 reasons why our customers decided to switch here. Once you've decided you'd like to make the switch there can be lots of things to look into, our team is always on hand to support you and we can help you to find exactly what you need to start on your cloth nappy journey and live a little greener.

What do I really need to get started?

  • 15-20 nappies for daytime - This will be enough to use during the day leaving enough time for washing and drying. We recommend trying a few different types and brands to find the best nappy for your little one. A great way to try out different types, and save a few pennies, is to pick up a starter pack.
  • 5 night time nappies - Once your little one is sleeping through the night you will need a more absorbent option, most people choose a two part system. When you need a night time nappy you can have a read through our guide.
  • Boosters - Boosters are usually made of natural fibres such as bamboo or hemp and are great for when you need a bit more absorbency for long journeys or nap time. Find our range of inserts and boosters here.
  • Liners - These are an optional extra, but they are brilliant for helping to remove solids especially during weaning! Disposable liners are a great option for helping with messy nappies, or you can consider using reusable liners which will also provide a stay dry layer to keep little one's bum dry.
  • Storage - To store your dirty nappies you will need either a hanging pail or a bucket. Nappies will stay in here ready for wash day, if you need any wash advice, read our easy to follow guide.
  • Wet bags - If you are wanting to use cloth on the go you will need a wet bag too. We love double wet bags as you can keep clean and dirty nappies/clothes separate, see our range of wet bags.

And that's it! If you stick to our handy shopping list you will have all the basics sorted. Of course you can always choose to add to your stash as you go, when you see new prints or need some extra boosters!

If you are wanting to live a little greener and save some pennies we highly recommend getting yourself some washable wipes! Even if you're not quite ready for the switch to cloth nappies, these are a really great switch that can continue to be used for years after your little ones are toilet trained. Reusable wipes are highly effective, cost friendly and will dramatically reduce your waste, you can have a read of our guide to cloth wipes.

05 June 2023  |  11:34

Wonderful, that's all I was looking for. I am particularly amazed by wetbags. I didn't think I would miss something like this in my life. perfect for the bikini after baby swimming :D regards from germany.

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