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5 Reasons to Choose to Reuse

One of the questions our 2020 Great Cloth Nappy Census asked was about people's motivations for choosing reusable nappies over disposable ones.

Over 3,200 parents responded and we found that environmental concerns and plastic waste were a primary motivation for 96% of cloth nappy users. We gathered some really great insights, and had some fascinating responses - see a few of our favourite quotes below.


5 Reasons to use Reusable Nappies - Waste A child in disposables will generate almost 900kg of nappy waste during its first two years of infancy, and both the manufacture and disposal of these nappies has an enormous environmental impact.  The wood pulp, crude oil and water used in production of disposable nappies is actually more damaging environmentally than the waste management of them. You can find more information here about The Environmental Impact of Nappies


Reasons to use reusable nappies- never running out

This came up many times in the Census - parents who had made the switch to reusable nappies as access to disposable nappies became restrictive. Cloth Nappies mean that you have a sense of security knowing that you won't be affected by panic buying, and won't ever run out of nappies. One positive thing to come out of the tough year we have had is certainly that we have seen a change in buying habits, and we have been all forced to take a new perspective.



Reasons to use cloth nappies- convenience Convenience - a surprising benefit of cloth nappies that featured more then we expected! There is something to be said for having an endless supply of nappies on hand, right where and when you need them. The misconception is that reusable nappies are hard work- but actually it just means running an extra load of laundry every couple of days. That's it. 


Reasons to use washable nappies- to save money 59% of cloth nappy parents cited saving money as one of their primary motivations. Indeed, the cost savings can be incredibly significant- check out our cost breakdown to find out how much you could save.


I mean, who are we to judge?! ;)


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