Reusable Nappy Week

what is reusable nappy week

What is Reusable Nappy Week?

Formerly known as Real Nappy Week, the Reusable Nappy Week event is where anyone and everyone in the reusable nappy industry and community comes together to raise awareness of reusable nappies, and how fab they are. For anyone new to reusable nappies, this is a great week to see what all the fuss is about, with a host of offers, giveaways and a wealth of support and educational resources. It's always a fantastic opportunity to provide outreach and support to parents new to reusable nappies, and we're as excited as ever!

Here at The Nappy Gurus, we know how to do Reusable Nappy Week in style!

Join us on 21st April for a flurry of fantastic deals, giveaways, and troubleshooting sessions

reusable nappy week offers

What Reusable Nappy week offers are there?

Our Reusable Nappy Week event, 2023, is now live! You can find 20% off stacks of reusable nappies, wipes and accessories. Plus a host of limited edition bundle deals across our range, featuring items such as nappies, changing bags, potty training equipment and more!


reusable nappy week

Where can we find Reusable Nappy advice and tips?

You'll find our team all over social media for the week, hosting live videos and Q&A's. Our expert team will be sharing their knowledge and experience of all things nappy, and will be available to share tips and answer all of your questions. We'll also be meeting team members from some of our favourite nappy brands over on Instagram, providing you with an opportunity to learn more about them and get an insight into who they are and how they work.

Check them out on Instagram and on Facebook- both over our Facebook Page and in our friendly Facebook Group

You can also visit our Help Hub for a wealth of information on all things reusable nappy, and you may also want to check out our Nationwide Reusable Nappy Incentive Scheme


reusable nappy week

reusable nappy week