Why we love flats.. and you should too!

So why do we love flat nappies so much? Well you can find our top 5 reasons to love them below, along with some super cute photos of our Guru's little ones modelling them, but really we couldn't put it any simpler than our biggest terry nappy and flat fan, Chloe! So here is her summary on why flats are just completely amazing:

"I love flats because they surprise you. You expect them to be complicated, old fashioned and rubbish. Once you try them you realise the modern flat is no less easy than any other cloth nappy, and it’s like you’re in on a secret - they’re a super reliable nappy for less than half the price of a standard cloth nappy. They’ll do days, nights, and you can fold them to suit your needs. They’re accessible on a small budget and so fast and easy to dry. My heavy wetter can go through a pricey all in one in an hour, but a Terry square or boosted flat will last him much longer and can be easily customised to suit my needs."

Our Top 5 Reasons to Love Flats:


What do our Gurus think?

Sarah tells us why she got started on terry nappies and how she ended up hooked! "I decided to give terries a go for a holiday as I'd heard they were good for handwashing and quick drying. Well, the holiday never ended up happening but we were hooked on terries! They became our standard night time set up and just love them. They're versatile, reliable, easy to wash, easy to dry - what's not to love? We learned one fold (the kite) and I still don't know any others; it's easier than you'd think to get started. I never thought I'd get into terries but they really are great"

One of our Nappy Gurus, Hazel, loves flats because "They can be repurposed as face cloths, gym towels, boosters in night nappies. So many things!" and Paige says "I love how fast drying flats are!"

Frith told us she loves "that flats can be used throughout every stage of the cloth journey and beyond."

Diane offered the brilliant advice to not be "put off by the folds; once you have tried them a few times, it becomes second nature."

Chloe thinks they are "An overlooked option suitable for all shapes and sizes" and is a huge lover of flats as they are "A cost effective option for heavy wetters and a great newborn nappy with the versatility to last all the way to potty training!"

Shovorne told us "Now that my little one has grown out of his flats and muslins they are great for all-sorts! They make perfect bibs, changing mats, puke cleaner-uppers, soak up the water spillages! You name it, if the baby did it, I use some kind of ex-flat nappy to clean it!!!"

How to fold flat nappies:


Petra's Recommended Covers For Using With Flats:

Alva Baby One Size Cover
Alva Baby One Size Cover
Reusabelles Breeze Cover
Reusabelles Breeze Cover

So if you're debating trying flat nappies, our best advice is go for it! You can even get 20% off all flat nappies and terries for Februterry! Find them all here!

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