The Environmental Impact of Black Friday Revealed

Is Black Friday bad for the environment?

With consumers expected to spend a total of £9.42 billion throughout the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday in 2021¹, our expert team of Nappy Gurus reveal how to think more sustainably as you shop this year.

With so many tempting deals released during the Black Friday period, it can be easy to just buy products and items for the sake of it. But frantic overconsumption and buying unneeded goods poses a significant threat to the environment. From the production of the items, the packaging and the shipping, to the waste generated from the products, the planet will suffer due to increased carbon emissions² over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Green November

With the environmental damage Black Friday causes in mind, we have launched Green November, a dedicated sale offering 30% off items and for every sale made, one tree will be planted. The initiative for this year is made possible by JUST ONE tree, a non-profit organisation that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and reverses biodiversity loss through global reforestation³.

CEO and founder of JUST ONE Tree, Amanda Bronkhorst, comments on Black Friday and the environmental damage it poses: “This year, Black Friday home deliveries will be responsible for hundreds of thousands of metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, while the waste generated will have an impact on everything from increasing ocean plastic to filling landfill sites.

How to shop sustainably

On top of the devastating impact Black Friday has on the environment, shoppers will be spending a considerable amount of money on products they don’t necessarily need. The average shopper is set to spend £275 on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and the region expected to spend the most is London, spending an average of £468⁴.  

Amanda Bronkhorst adds: “Black Friday is clearly not good for the planet, and it’s up to each one of us to take action, even if it’s as simple as agreeing not to participate. If you are a consumer and decide to participate in some way, we recommend making greener choices”. 

For consumers looking to save some money this Black Friday, we have teamed up with JUST One Tree to share five top tips for a more sustainable shopping experience: 

  1. Place one order. Avoiding multiple orders from one retailer can help reduce the number of delivery vans and, therefore, reduce potential air pollution.

  2. Shop with sustainable retailers. By doing this, you will increase the demand for sustainable products, encouraging more retailers to rethink their eco-friendly offerings. 

  3. Purchase items that are sustainably sourced and produced rather than products made from virgin plastics and fossil fuels. This will reduce potential plastic pollution and reduce carbon emissions. 

  4. Research what you want to buy before making a purchase. In doing this, you are more likely to make a considered purchase decision, which will likely mean the product you are buying is something you genuinely care about. 

  5. Ditch single-use products. In doing this and choosing reusable products, you will help reduce plastic pollution and waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions


The urgent need for change 

With the recent 2021 climate change conference highlighting the urgent need for action, it’s the perfect time for consumers to reconsider their Black Friday and Cyber Monday buying habits and to take steps in making more considered and sustainable purchase decisions. 

COP26 has made it clear that global warming isn’t getting any better, and it’s crucial that not only businesses make it their responsibility to make greener choices, but the consumer needs to do their bit too. 

By considering the five steps to sustainable shopping, we hope it will make a lasting impact and difference to the way consumers choose to shop, not just during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but with every purchase decision made going forward. 

Choosing to shop with businesses that take part in initiatives like Green November will help offset the carbon emissions of any purchases, which is a bonus; for every purchase, a tree will be planted. At The Nappy Gurus, we believe we all have a responsibility to safeguard our futures, and by working with partners such as JUST ONE Tree, we can go some way towards fulfilling that responsibility.

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