The Best Baby Names According to Star Signs


Since the start of the pandemic, interest in astrology has seen a staggering increase as people look to the stars for answers, truth, and inspiration.

Following a 50% increase in searches for the term "astrology baby names" in the past 12 months¹, we delve into the best baby names according to astrology and share our recommendations². 

Analysing recent ONS data³, we can reveal the top astrology inspired baby names amongst Brits in 2020. For girls Ivy, Willow, Grace, Luna, Eleanor, Ayla and for boys, Leo and Luca all make the top 100 most popular names list. 

This data highlights how astrology-based baby girls names are more popular in the UK than astrology-based baby boy names. However, this isn't a reflection of the number of choices for zodiac inspired baby boy names; it turns out there are many options out there! 

Speaking with our team of nappy gurus, mystic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman believes gaining baby name inspiration from past generations can trend-proof a name choice and could inspire parents with names they might not be able to find elsewhere. 

According to our research, the best baby names in keeping with star signs include: 

Aquarius - January 20th - February 18th

The symbol of the Aquarius is a water bearer, and its element is air. Aquarius people tend to be self-reliant, advanced, optimistic and clever. 

Micah - Aquarians pride themselves on their depth of knowledge and ability to rise to new heights. Micah, also translates to "someone resembling the Lord”.  
Conrad - A German name which means "brave counsel", this name suits the progressive, humanitarian traits of the Aquarius. 
Zephyr - Zephyrus was the Greek God of the west wind and a favourite of many poets. 
Angus - Meaning "unique" or "one strength".
Dominic - Which translates to "credulous, honest, and staunch".
Eleanor - This traditional name combines femininity, strength and key leadership qualities, a perfect name for an Aquarius. 
Aura - In Greek mythology, "Aura" was the Titan of the breeze and the early morning air. The name means "soft breeze" and is perfect for the imaginative Aquarius, who is associated with the air element. 
Verity - A fitting name for an Aquarius is Verity, which means truth.
Alicia - Meaning "truthful" in Greek.

Pisces - February 19th - March 20th 

The symbol of Pisces is "The two fish", and the element of the sign is water. Pisces are particularly empathic, artistic, affectionate, spiritual and wise.

Austin - A Pisces boy is known to have deep inner strength, the name Austin is perfectly fitted as it means "magical dignity". 
Calum - This name means "dove" which is the symbol of peace.
Solomon - Another peaceful name for a spiritual option for a Pisces, which means "peace". It also carries a sense of wisdom, perhaps due to the connection with the Old Testament.
Pax - Stands for "peaceful".
Rahim - The name Rahim means "empathetic and merciful".
Charisma - Charisma is a perfect name for the music-loving Piscean. It means "blessing," which is also suitable for Pisces due to their affectionate, spiritual and wise traits.
Margot - The French diminutive of Margaret, the more sophisticated Margot means "pearl" - a sweet reflection of the Pisces connection to the water element.
Felicity - The Latin name Felicity means "good fortune, happy", making it a good choice for a Pisces who likes to dream throughout their life.
​Beatrice - Refers to "she who brings happiness”.
Helena - Is defined as a "bright, shining one".

Aries - March 21st - April 19th

Aries hold the symbol of the ram, and their known element is fire. Traits of the Aries include being eager, competitive, bold, ambitious, quick and dynamic.

Liam - Liam means "warrior", making it a great name for a zodiac sign known for courage, drive and physicality. 
Ethan - Means "strong and firm" and it comes from the Hebrew name Eitan. The most famous Ethan is in the Old Testament, Ethan the Ezrahite, who is known for his wisdom.
Wyatt - Originally an English surname, it means "brave in war". 
Alexander - Meaning "defender of man". 
Bernard - German for "brave as a bear".
Ryan - Which means "little king", fitting in perfectly with the eager, bold and ambitious traits of the Aries sign.
Chloe -​​ Chloe is the Goddess of Agriculture, and the name means "fresh blooming". This makes it perfect for a baby girl born in spring.
Enya - Enya is the perfect name to match the Aries element. It is the Anglicised version of the Irish name Eithne, meaning "fire".
Marcella - Marcella, meaning "warlike", matches the typical traits of Aries.
Andrea - Represents bravery.
Briana - An Irish name that suggests fearlessness.

Taurus- April 20th- May 20th

The Taurus sign holds the symbol of the bull and has the element of earth; typical traits of a Taurus include being dependable, sensual, creative and seeking pleasure. 

Holden - A Taurus boy is stereotypically both elegant and tough; these traits deserve a classy name such as Holden.
Dillon - The Taurus sign is known for great patience, and so is Dillon - this name means "a loyal person".
Rani - Another name to encourage creative traits in a Taurus is "Rani", which means "my song, my joy". 
Ethan - A Hebrew name meaning "strong-willed".
Damon - Greek for "to tame".
Jemima - A Taurus is often grounded and focused; however, at the same time, they desire harmony and try to avoid conflict (despite being born under the sign of the bull). Jemima is a great match for these traits, meaning "dove", the global symbol of peace.  
Frida -  Meaning "peaceful", Frida is a match for this loving sign. 
Hermione - Hermione is a top pick for a Taurus, with the meaning "earthly" that fits with the element of the sign. It also means "messenger", just what you'd expect from the dependable, practical reputation. 
Kesia - Meaning 'earth-bound", fitting the elegant yet grounded star sign traits.

Gemini- May 21st- June 21st

Gemini's hold the symbol of the twins and carry the element of air; they are often curious, expressive, kind, intelligent, versatile and ambitious.

Omari - Omari is a Hebrew name meaning "speaker or chief". In Arabic, Omari means "flourishing, thriving", giving this unisex name a deep beauty.
Bayu - Bayu, which means "wind", is an Indonesian name that perfectly fits with the air element of this sign. 
Bryce - A name meaning "alert or ambitious", Bryce is a strong contender for a Gemini baby.
Dexter - Meaning "skilful" in Latin.
Clark - French for "priest or scholar".
Agatha - A name meaning "good woman".
Sophie - Meaning "wisdom".
Saffi - A variant of Sophia, meaning "wisdom".
Sage - Could work for either gender and translates to "wisdom and health".

Cancer - June 22nd- July 22nd

Cancerians hold the sign of the crab and the element of water; common traits include being compassionate, protective, sentimental, tenacious and intuitive.

Granger - People born under the Cancer sign are often very sensitive and compassionate- Granger being a perfect fit. 
William - William means "resolute protection".
Ellis - A unisex choice that remains more popular for boys than girls, Ellis is an English and Welsh name meaning "kind and benevolent".
Henry - Which means "home-ruler".
Alistair - A British boy's name for "defender of men".
Luna - Many Cancerians are intuitive, in touch with the flow of life. Cancerians are ruled by the moon, so Luna, literally meaning "the moon", is a beautiful name choice. 
Darya - The element associated with Cancer is water, so a name meaning "the sea" is a natural choice. 
Ramona - Cancer is known for being nurturing and compassionate, and they are often known as the "wise protector".
Adele - From the Old German, means noble, kind, soft, and tender.

Leo- July 23rd- August 22nd

The symbol of a Leo is the lion, and its element is fire. They are often fiery, dramatic, self-assured, outgoing and loyal.

Rodrick - Meaning "a famous ruler", is just unique enough to really stand out.
Ari - A Hebrew name meaning "lion of God", Ari somehow manages to be both cute and strong. 
Hayden - The English name Hayden means "fire". 
Rex - Meaning "king" for your cubs.
Leonie - Leonie fits the bill for your little lioness. 
Audrey - Audrey means "noble strength". 
Matilda - "Battle-mighty" Matilda could lead a tribe of feisty Leo warriors into any encounter. 
Raina - Meaning "queen".
Viva - Meaning "alive".

Virgo - August 23rd-September 23rd

The Virgo has the symbol of the virgin and the element of earth; they carry traits such as being very loyal, gentle, practical, analytical, efficient and methodical.

Milo - Milo means merciful and compassionate.
Seb - Seb, meaning "God of the Earth" - ideal for a zodiac sign associated with the Earth element.
Warrick - Virgo has all the characteristics of a leader. The name Warrick, which means "strong leader who defends", is a very fitting pick. 
Frederick - German for "peaceful ruler”.
Graciela - The Virgo personality is a combination of Grace, virtue, order, and control. Graciela means "virtue" and is a more modern version of the simple name Grace.
Winnie - You won't find a more "gentle friend" than a Virgo, which is precisely the meaning of the name Winnie. 
Adara - Perfect for a Virgo baby is Adara, which means "noble and exalted".
Clara - Meaning "bright".
Serena - Meaning "tranquil and serene”.

Libra - September 23rd- October 22nd

The symbol of a Libra is the scales, whilst the element they hold is air; they have noble traits such as being fair, diplomatic, social, gracious, balanced and harmonious.

Lennon - A favourite pick for Libra boys is Lennon, a surname with Gaelic origins that means "lover" or "dear one". 
Guthrie - Guthrie is a relative to the zodiac sign's air element. In Gaelic, it means "windy place".
Justin - With the meaning "fair, upright and righteous," Justin should be on the shortlist for any Libra baby boy. 
Basil - Which means "regal".
Naor - Meaning "cultured and enlightened”.
Lyra - Soft and melodious, the name Lyra is a perfect choice for a Libra girl. It has Greek origins and means "lyre" -  a small medieval musical instrument. 
Diana - Diana, meaning "divine", was the Roman goddess associated with the moon, virginity, and hunting and the protector of wild animals. 
Venus - The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, who also happens to be the Roman goddess of beauty and love. 
Ziva - Signifies "brilliance".

Scorpio - October 23rd – November 21st

Scorpio's hold the symbol of the scorpion and the element of water; they have many traits involving being stubborn, brave, passionate, resourceful, curious and eloquent.

Xander - A fitting name for the tender yet rebellious Scorpion spirit.
Ford - A ford is a shallow place in a river or stream, and the name Ford means "dweller at the ford". So, it's the perfect choice for a zodiac sign connected to the water element.
Duncan - Meaning "dark warrior", the name Duncan fits with the stubborn, passionate Scorpio style.
Fergus - The name given to Scottish boys aiming to be a "strong man of vigour".
Delany - Is Gaelic and means "the challenger".
Haven - Scorpios are very generous and fiercely protective of themselves and their loved ones, but they can be vulnerable and introverted.
Erica - Scorpio's have the potential to be "a powerful ruler", which happens to be the meaning of the girl's name Erica. 
Casey - The unisex name Casey means "the brave or vigilant one" - an accurate summary of the typical Scorpio. 
Astrid - Which is a Norse moniker for "divine strength or beauty".

Sagittarius - November 22nd – December 21st

The Sagittarius' symbol is the archer, and the element is fire. The traits for a Sagittarius are optimistic, extroverted, generous, funny and versatile. 

Isaac - Meaning "laughter" is a great choice for a Sagittarian, who is well known for humour and is a natural entertainer.
Charlie - Charlie, meaning "free man", is far more suited to the fun and outgoing Sagittarius than the more traditional name, Charles. 
Apollo - The God of music, truth and archery, provides a fitting name for the archer of the zodiac. 
Ariana -​​ A Sagittarian has the strength and determination to make highly idealistic ideas a reality. 
Blythe - The name Blythe, meaning "happy and carefree", embodies this desire for freedom.
Ascella - Ascella is the brightest star system in the Sagittarius constellation, making it a special name for a Sagittarius baby. 

Capricorn- December 22nd – January 19th

The zodiac symbol of a Capricorn is the goat, and the element is earth. They have traits of being independent, disciplined, tenacious, serious, ambitious and determined.

Jasper - ​​Meaning "treasurer", perfect for a determined and ambitious soul.  
Gunner - The "bold warrior" Gunner is the Scandinavian version of Gunther.
Truman - Meaning "loyal one".
Dante - Meaning "steadfast and long-lived".
Natalie - Christmas falls during the Capricorn month, so the traditional name Natalie, meaning "birthday" or "Christmas", is ideal for a baby born on or near Christmas.
Meredith - Meredith means "great ruler" -not an unrealistic dream for a tenacious, ambitious and disciplined Capricorn.
Nicole - Is a Greek pick that means "people of victory". 

What do the astrology experts have to say?

Mystic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman shares her thoughts with us: "I believe that a name choice is hugely influential. A calm and quiet Libra boy with a warrior name like Kane might experience a certain dissonance between their born destiny and their family's expectations.
"For parents interested in astrology and mystics, I recommend a tarot reading for a pregnant mum. In doing this, I can show the mum all the connections around the baby, for example, how they'll like granny and grandad if they'll like car journeys, and how easy weaning will be. 
"I have seen a massive rise in parents incorporating their kids' astrology into their lives, right from the start. Preparation is key, and knowing all the little quirks that your tiny treasure will display arms you with knowledge before the battle commences". 

With astrology and horoscopes gaining more attention throughout the pandemic, it's interesting to see how it's filtered through into naming a baby and preparing for parenthood. 

So, will you be naming your baby in relation to its star sign?

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Google trends data for the term  “astrology baby names” correct as of November 2021
Guide created by analysing 2020 ONS most popular baby names data, using secondary research, and sourcing expert commentary 

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