Sustainable Christmas

At Christmas Time, many of us keep a conscious thought to reduce our waste whilst also wanting to treat our loved ones. We've put together a few tips on keeping your Christmas eco-friendly, and we've even included some sustainable and Vegan friendly gift ideas or stocking fillers!

Our Top 5 Tips to a Sustainable Christmas:

  1. Buy Consciously - Order from sustainable retailers who you know will stock sustainably and ethically made products, like us, and where possible try to order only once to reduce packaging and delivery vans.
  2. Wrapping - Consider using alternatives to wrapping paper such as fabric gift bags, or you could reuse packaging from your deliveries or last years gift bags! Decorating your presents with foliage is a lovely natural touch that won't create waste.
  3. Reduce food waste - Try to buy only what you need, this is always hard to do at Christmas but can be done with a little extra thought. You could also use food waste apps to rescue fruit and veg that would otherwise go in the bin! And of course we all love to make soups and meals from leftovers too, this is a great way to ensure there is no food waste and keep costs down over Christmas!
  4. Decorations - Opting for reusable tablecloths and napkins is a sustainable choice for table decorations. You could always make your own decorations too, maybe salt dough with the children that will become keepsakes for years to come! And don't forget the tree; using a plastic tree can still be waste friendly as long as you reuse for 10 years or more, or maybe you could rent a real tree or grow your own!
  5. Remember what Christmas is all about - Remember what Christmas means to you and celebrate in your own way, there is no need to buy extra and do more unless that's how you choose to celebrate! Maybe it's about family and friends? Or maybe the gifts and a big meal is the most important part?

Gifting Ideas:

  • Wooden Toys - dithch the plastic tat, and opt for timeless toys that are built to last. Not only are the resources used to produce them more sustainable, they will last for generations. Check out our fave wooden toys here
  • Give the gift of reusable - Introducing a friend to the beauty of reusable can be an incredibly thoughtful gift, especially if they have previously shown interest. You could gift some reusable wipes, a metal water bottle or bamboo coffee cup, or even treat them to some organic make up pads and skincare products!
  • Gift vouchers - If you know a parent who is expecting and considering using cloth nappies a gift voucher towards their choice of nappies or accessories would make a wonderful gift! Or maybe you want to inspire someone to explore our eco-living products to discover the beauty of natural skincare. You can find our digital gift vouchers here.

You can als check out for the UK's largest community for buying and selling preloved items

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