How To Store Cloth Nappies For Another Baby

How do I store my Cloth Nappies for my next baby?

So your trusty reusable nappies have seen you through and now your little one has successfully mastered the potty or toilet- yay!

But your baby days are probably not over, and you'd like to keep your cloth nappies preserved and in great condition to last you through baby number 2. Think how much money you'll save, never having to buy disposables! In fact, we can show you just how much you can save by choosing reusable nappies, and using them for more than one baby here

The good news is, that as long as you follow our handy guide to successfully storing your nappies, you should achieve this no problem!

Here's what we suggest

1.Wash your nappies, and follow a strip wash routineThis will help to retain the integrity of the fibres, and elastics, and help to prevent deterioration caused by residual detergent enzymes.

2. Ensure your nappies are thoroughly, 100% dry

3. Place your reusable nappies in a breathable bag, such as a cotton sack

4. Store the bag somewhere with a consistent room temperature, such as a wardrobe or under a bed.

Here's what not to do!

1. Don't store your cloth nappies in an airtight or non-breathable container, such as a plastic box.

2. Don't store your nappies somewhere cold, damp, or with changeable temperatures, such as a loft or cellar.


Following the Nappy Guru® guide will help to ensure your nappies stay in tip-top condition while you are between babies! If you have any other questions just get in touch with our expert team


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