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La Petite Ourse Trifold Insert

Nappy Boosters and Nappy Inserts are essentially very similar things, and these can be some confusion in the cloth nappy world. Here at The Nappy Gurus we break them down as the following:

Nappy Insert - an insert can be used stand alone inside a pocket nappy to provide absorbency. Use one insert, a couple of inserts or an insert and a booster depending on how much absorbency you need in the nappy

Nappy Booster - a booster should be used alongside other forms of absorbency, and simply provides a "boost" of absorbency to the nappy. So a nappy booster can be used inside any type of reusable nappy.

Inserts and boosters come in a variety of different materials. From microfibre (less absorbency, but very fast drying) to natural materials such as bamboo or hemp (providing more absorbency, but slower drying). We find that a great solution is a combination of both fibres, so something like a hemp nappy insert as the bottom later, with a fast absorbing microfibre nappy insert on top.