Say Pants to The Tax on Period Pants!

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Updated April 2024

The Tax on Period Pants was Abolished in January 2024

What does scrapping the tax on period pants mean?

Scrapping the tax on period pants means that for many brands, your pants will be around 16% cheaper than they were pre January 2024 as VAT is no longer payable.  On a pair of period pants priced at £12, that's roughly a £2 saving!

Why were we being taxed on them?

In 2021, the Goverment made the decision to axe the tax from menstrual products such as sanitary pads and tampons. However, period pants were still classified as an 'underwear garement', this means customers were still paying 20% tax on every single pair of pants you buy!

Period pants are comfortable, convenient and (in our eyes) the ultimate reusable period product.

You can wear a pair of period pants for up to 8 hours, or overnight, and you will not need any other form of protection. You simply bleed into the pants and enjoy a comfortable and dry feeling all day long! These are a really great solution if you suffer from PCOS, endometriosis or irregular bleeding as you can wear them every day without the worry of pant lines or visible pads. They are also super comfortable and stretchy which is perfect for bloated days or painful times.

You can read more about how to use and wash them here.

So what did we do?

You had your say! Marks & Spencers, and period pant brand WUKA lead a petition - 'Say Pants to The Tax'. This petition called for the Government to reclassify period pants as a menstrual product, which means customers would no longer pay VAT on them. 

Removing the tax from period pants was so important, as it made them much more accessible to a wider group of people and help to enable younger people to be able to use them. It also makes it much easier for more people to be able to choose a more sustainble option for their period.

The Nappy Gurus took the decision to 'absorb the tax' on all period pants on our site and paid the VAT on your behalf. 

We believe period pants are a revolutionary product for a sustainable and comfortable period, so we want to encourage more people to try them. By paying your VAT for you on all the period pants on our site, we hoped to make the decision to try them a no brainer. the Nappy Gurus stock period pants from bestselling brands such as WUKA, and Cheeky Pants, who use Organic Cotton. We also have a wide range of more affordable pants, and swim pants, from Love Luna. You can shop all our period pants here.


About the Authors: Helen Rankin, current steward of The Nappy Gurus, took the reins in 2024, building on the foundation laid by Laura, the original founder. Helen, a veteran in the reusable nappy space, started her journey when her son Archie was born, leading her to launch Cheeky Wipes in 2008. Laura, equally passionate about sustainable parenting solutions, has always been an advocate for eco-friendly alternatives. Together, they continue to empower a new generation through informed, sustainable choices.

Stephanie Roberts
17 November 2023  |  20:34

This is a wonderful idea.

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