Best Potty Training Pants 2024

Yay, your toddler is ready to potty training. They're showing discomfort or asking to be changed after they have wee'd or poo'd, or maybe are just showing an interest in using the loo.

As your little one embarks on their potty training journey, choosing the right potty training pants is a crucial step towards their comfort and independence. It also helps make those days of potty training easier for parents AND toddlers.

These specialised pants are designed to bridge the gap between diapers and regular underwear, providing leak protection while encouraging your toddler to graduate to the toilet.

In this guide, we’ll explore key features to consider—such as absorbency, comfort, and cost—and introduce our top picks for 2024. The Nappy Gurus have been all about nappy changing and cloth nappying since 2003, so we bring a serious amount of expertise.

Plus I've potty trained my own 4 children too and can give you honest advice on making the best choice for your child.

One point to note is that this guide is PURELY looking at potty training pants, ie pants with reduced absorbency so that your child can feel the wetness as this is a critical step in the potty training journey.

We've excluded disposable pull up pants with full absorbency for this reason as they aren't helpful for potty training. One last warning, be prepared for a few puddles as toilet training is a process which doesn't just happen overnight.

Best Potty Training Pants 2024


When comparing potty training pants, it's essential to consider several key factors to ensure you're getting the best fit for your child's needs. Here’s a breakdown of our top potty training pants for 2024:

Shop Bright Bots Training Pants

Best Reusable Potty Training Pants & Best Overall - Bright Bots

Bright Bots cloth training pants are a huge customer favourite here at The Nappy Gurus. They're cost effective and wash and dry easily. They're also super soft against your child's skin which makes this training underwear more pleasant to wear.

Reusable training pants are easy to wash. Just rinse after use and flush any poo. Pop them in your machine and wash on your usual wash cycle. Finally air dry reusable potty training pants inside out for speedier drying.

Type: Reusable

Sizes: Available in sizes small (12 to 18 months) to XL (age 3 to 4)

Absorbency Level: Low to Moderate

Price: £5.49

Customer Reviews: "These are an absolute god send , I’m having a hard time potty training my 3 year old , these pants are perfect to stop those accidents when you go out , the sensation of being wet is still there but they don’t leak GENIUS" Product Review

Huggies Pull Up Training Nappies Review

Best Disposable Training Pants - Huggies Pull Up Trainers

These disposable training pants have less absorbency to help your child learn wet from dry.

The learning layer inside these pull-ups nappy pants mimics the feeling of wet underwear to teach your child to recognise the sensation of feeling wet. The designs on these pull-up pants fade when they get wet to teach them the difference between wet and dry.

Type: Disposable

Sizes: Age 2 to 4 or 5 to 6 available

Absorbency Level: Moderate

Price: £11.50 for 20

Customer Reviews: "These were great for potty training as they bridge the gap between a nappy and proper pants. It definitely added confidence to potty training and are easy for your child to pull up and take down."

Shop Bells Bumz Pull Up Pants & Swim Nappy

Best Multifunction Potty Training Pants - Bells Bumz Pull Up & Swim Nappy 

Although these are technically pull up pants we have included them because essentially they are a shell that you can boost for absorbency as much or as little as you need.

They have side snaps and poppers which can be used to adjust the fit, so these are a birth to potty nappy too. And as if that wasn't enough, because they have no integral absorbency, they can be used as a swim nappy too.

Type: Reusable

Sizes: One Size

Absorbency Level: Depends on boosters used

Price: £9.95 each

Customer Reviews: "These nappies have a complete lifesaver for my little boy. They give him the independance and freedom of using a pull up whilst still being reusable. Love that you can buy them without inserts too as I could just use the ones I already had at home from nappies." Product Review

hello Bello

Best Budget Potty Training Pants - Hello Bello

Although we usually avoid recommending anything from Amazon, it's actually quite tricky to find disposable training pants (as opposed to pull up nappies). These fit the bill however and are 2/3 of the price of the Huggies training pants.

Type: Disposable

Sizes: Size 4 to 6 (22lbs to 35lbs+)

Absorbency Level: Moderate to High

Price: £26.41 for 72.

Customer Reviews: "My little boy has been wearing these nappy pants all day and I’ve had no complaints from him! He’s currently potty training so the nappy pants are super easy to get on and off, very easy to pull down. We have had no leaks and the nappies hold everything well."

Shop Cheeky Incontinence & Bed Wetting Pants for Kids

Best Potty Training Pants For Older Children - Cheeky Potty Training & Bed Wetting Pants

These pants and trunks are brilliant for older children or those who are still struggling with bed wetting at night. They're soft and can be boosted with microfibre or bamboo boosters for super absorbency. The trunks in particular are great for boys as they have an underwear like fit.

Type: Reusable

Sizes: Age 3 to 4 up to age 11 to 12.

Absorbency Level: These pants require boosting which means you can tailor the absorbency for your child from minimal to super absorbent.

Price: £11.49

Customer Reviews "Wow what a massive confidence boost these have given my child. They have made such a difference during a difficult transition to primary school." Product Review

How to Choose the Right Potty Training Pants

Selecting the right potty training pants involves a mix of practicality and preference. Here's some thing to consider when choosing the right potty training pants:

Child’s Age and Readiness

First and foremost, consider how far along their potty training journey your child is. Pull up pants may be a good first step, before dropping absorbency to reusable training pants.

Environmental Impact

If sustainability is a priority, choose reusable pants which create much less waste that disposables.


this is one area when you can make big savings if this is important to you. Even 10 pairs of reusable training pants at £45 will work out much cheaper in the short term compared to Huggies disposables for example.

Ease of Use

Obviously reusable potty training pants need to be washed and dried which may not be suitable for all households.


Potty training is a significant milestone, and the right training pants can make all the difference.

By considering cost, absorbency, your lifestyle, and the environmental impact, you can choose a product that not only supports your potty training goals but also aligns with your family values.

For more information, tips, or to browse our extensive range of potty training solutions, visit our website. We encourage you to share your experiences and tips in the comments or contact us directly for personalised advice, the team chat pee, poo and periods all day long and are happy to help!  You may also find these articles useful for further reading:

About the Author: Helen Rankin, an advocate for sustainable living, embarked on her journey with reusable products when her first child was born in 2004. Facing limited options in cloth nappies, Helen’s passion only grew, leading her to launch Cheeky Wipes in 2008, right before welcoming her third child.

Helen's commitment to promoting sustainable solutions led to her taking over The Nappy Gurus in 2024. Today, she is excited to share her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for all things reusable, helping a new generation of parents navigate eco-friendly choices for their children.



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