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Bambinex Bamboo Fitted Nappies
Bambinex Bamboo Fitted Nappies
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Welcome to Bambinex, a Belgian brand that’s as passionate about your baby’s comfort and the environment as you are. Bambinex, a pioneer in the reusable nappy industry since 2006, is committed to providing parents with sustainable, high-quality diapering solutions that care for both your little one and the planet.

Bambinex’s Mission

Bambinex is driven by a mission to reduce the environmental impact of cloth nappies. By creating reusable nappies that stand the test of time, Bambinex aims to decrease landfill waste and encourage a shift towards sustainable parenting practices. Their nappies are designed to offer a practical alternative to disposables without compromising on convenience or performance.

Brand Values

  • Sustainability: At the heart of Bambinex’s ethos is a commitment to environmental stewardship. Their products are designed to be long-lasting, reducing the need for disposable products and the strain they put on our environment.
  • Quality: Bambinex believes that parents shouldn’t have to choose between eco-friendliness and quality. Their nappies are crafted from premium materials that ensure comfort, durability, and effectiveness.
  • Innovation: Constantly at the forefront of nappy design, Bambinex invests in research and development to innovate and improve their products, ensuring they meet the dynamic needs of modern parents and babies.
  • Inclusivity: Understanding that every baby is different, Bambinex offers a range of products to suit various needs and preferences, supporting all families on their cloth nappying journey.
  • Adjustable Fit: Bambinex nappies come with adjustable features, ensuring a perfect fit from newborn to potty training. This adaptability makes Bambinex a cost-effective and practical choice for growing babies.
  • High Absorbency: Their unique multi-layer design provides superior absorbency compared to many cloth nappies on the market, offering parents peace of mind through the night and during prolonged use.
  • Skin-Friendly: Made with hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics, Bambinex nappies are gentle on sensitive skin, reducing the risk of diaper rash and discomfort.
  • Easy Care: Designed for real life, Bambinex nappies are machine washable and dry quickly, blending seamlessly into busy family routines without extra hassle.

Here at The Nappy Gurus we love their bamboo night nappy which can be used with any wrap for a good nights sleep!