Washable wipes

Written By Cecilia

I must confess, as an experienced cloth nappy user, I was very reluctant to try out cloth wipes. It took me several years and 3 babies to take the plunge. In fact, the decision to try them out was not even mine, I bought a bundle of nappies online when I was pregnant with my 3rd and they came in the pack for free.

When Isla was born, I had those wipes washed and ready and thought it wouldn’t hurt trying them. Blimey, why did it take me so long? They are a million times better than throw away ones.

The Benefits:

The usual "better for the environment, gentler on your baby’s skin and good for your pocket" are always true. But let me add some more benefits to them. They are SUPER effective, one good square wipe is normally enough to clean a whole baby’s bottom. No more trying to take one wipe out the packet and ending up with twenty in your hand, the saving in all levels is real, including your patience.

  • The terry or bamboo ones are particularly useful for meconium, that dark and sticky first few dirty nappies you have to change.
  • If you are already using cloth nappies, it will save you having to go find a bin to dispose of wipes, you can just place everything inside your pail and go!
  • They are multipurpose, use them on bottoms or hands and face.

The Uses

It’s ok to use your wipes for hands and face and bottoms, but some people prefer separate designated ones. You could use coloured wipes to help you separate them, whites for bottoms and coloured for hands and face. Wash the former with your cloth nappies/sanitary cloth of any kinds and the latter with your household washing such as bath and tea towels.

The Storage

When at home you can have a designated tub to keep them in. You can either keep them dry and wet them as and when you need to; or you can soak a few for use every morning to be ready to use during the day.
At the early stages with a newborn or when I had 2 in cloth (baby number 3 and 4 were close in age), I soaked them and left them ready. Now only one is in cloth I wet them as I go along. Sometimes I will just take them straight from the washing machine and use them.

Out and About

I always take them in a little bag dry and use the tap or a bottle of water ( I always have one with me).

Some alternatives are:

  • you can have a dedicated spray bottle ready with you specifically for the wipes
  • you take them damp and ready to use out, just keep them in a mini-waterproof bag. Easy!

Is water enough?

Yes, water really is enough to change a nappy. But some people prefer to use a bit more. There are several things you can use to wet the nappies with herbal teas such as chamomile, a specfic baby cleanser, a splash of baby bath or diluted essential oils. I have never been very keen, water works fine for us.

What material type should I get?

For hands and face you can use pretty much any type of material- but velour, fleece and wet bamboo are softer. Cotton/terry and bamboo are great for bottoms as they have a bit more texture.


Which ones should I buy?


Here at The Nappy Gurus we offer a range of types of washable wipe. We love the Bambino Mio wipes for hands and faces, the Close Parent Wipes for bums and the GroVia wipes are simply great for both! You can view the full range here

You can find our video guide to using Washable Wipes here

Washable Wipes Kits by The Nappy Gurus