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Toddler & Training Pants

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Page 1 of 1:    9 Items

Training Pants

Your choice of Training Pants may be critical to potty training success and will either help and hinder the training process. Washable training pants are by far the superior option here, as unlike disposable trainers, they allow your child to feel when they are wet. Disposable pull-ups are often just as absorbent as regular nappies, and so your child will be unaware of when they have had an accident- sadly these pull-ups are merely an extension to your already seemingly endless nappy purchases. Profitable for the nappy manufacturers, but not so for you!

Washable Training Pants are designed to hold one small wee, and your child will be well aware when they have had an accident, and this will reinforce their desire to toilet train. They will help prevent accidents from making a mess all over your floor however, and starting at just £3.60 per pair, they really are the perfect tool for potty training!

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