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The Nappy Gurus - The UK's most awesome Real Nappy Advisors!

The Nappy Gurus are a dedicated team of mum's spread far and wide throughout the UK here to help YOU get started with real nappies!

Every Nappy Guru is a real nappy using parent, with first hand experience of a wide range of different reusable nappy types and brands.

Your local Nappy Guru can offer email, telephone or face-to-face advice, with many offering home consultations or running regular demonstration events that you can attend.

Your Nappy Guru can take orders and have your nappies sent directly to your home or can arrange a personal delivery to you.

If you prefer to order yourself online, you can do that too! This site has full ordering facilities and real-time stock management - just please rememeber to quote the Nappy Guru that helped you as you checkout so that she can get a little bonus to help build her demonstration packs for helping other parents.

Please visit the Nappy Guru pages to find someone local to you. 

The Nappy Gurus is a division of leading reusable nappy store Fill-Your-Pants, operating and providing first class customer service since 2008.







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