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NUUD SMARTER PACK - x2 15ml tube
NUUD SMARTER PACK - x2 15ml tubeNUUD SMARTER PACK - x2 15ml tubeNUUD SMARTER PACK - x2 15ml tubeNUUD SMARTER PACK - x2 15ml tube
NUUD SMARTER PACK - x2 15ml tube
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Brand:  NUUD

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3 in stock, immediate despatch

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Product Info
If you're looking for an all-natural, revolutionary deodorant, the NUUD is for you.

Less production of crap, less pollution, less empty deodorant cannisters, less (petro)chemical industry, less irritated skin, less allergic reaction, less harm to animals, less artificial fragrances, less propellant gases.... Replacing that with loads more effectiveness.

NUUD contains, NO aluminium, NO chemicals, NO artificial fragrances, NO salts, NO parabens, NO alcohol, NO rubbish.


NUUD is completely harmless for you and the planet,

NUUD is not tested on animals

NUUD is 100% Vegan

NUUD is non-clogging, healthy sweating

NUUD will not stain, 100% unscented

NUUD comes in a sugar cane tube and a biodegradable cardboard box

NUUD has a sustainable production and CO2 neutral distribution

NUUD is effective up to 7 days

NUUD prevents odours instead of disguising it

NUUD remains 100% effective after being active and showering

NUUD is super concentrated (6-7 weeks with 15ml tube)

NUUD is a patented formula


Why we love it

This is another product a few of us here at The Nappy Gurus use personally at home and it was at the top of my list to add to our new  eco range!

I have tried lots of other natural deodrants in the past, and they just didn't work for me. I ponged by the end of the day and don't even go there after a gym workout - and this was after the transistion period, which you get with all nautral deodorants.

Then I found NUUD and this was my last hope, I was ready to go back to the standard aluminum aerosol anti-perspirant (which I'd initially wanted to avoid in the first place due to the aluminium in the anti-perspirants).

As they say, there is a transistion period (see our How to Use tab) I found transistioning through autumn/winter, easy. Summer may have been trickier, but lots of people do.

Now, after the transistion time, I cannot fault NUUD, it is amazing! It's easy to use, and its not neccessary to apply every day. You remain smelling wonderful without excess sprays, or chemicals. You need only a tiny bit and dependant on how often you reapply, a tube lasts me around 4-5 months (the smarter pack size of 20ml).

Give it a try, you wont be disappointed.


How to use

Why is perspiring so important?
Persipiring is a bodily function directly linked to your internal tempreture regulation. If you get too warm, your body sends an automatic impulse to your glands to tell them to secrete perspiration. This will then evaporate, which extracts heat from your body, causing your body to cool down. Futhermore, perspiring ensures that toxins are eliminated from your body.


The difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?
Antiperspirant blocks the sweat glands, and therefore prevents the production of sweat. A deodorant, does not prevent sweating:  it deals with the bacteria on the skin by disguising the smell.

A regular deodorant often has alcohol and fragrances to mask the smell. Deodorant and antiperspirant often get confused. If the ingredients mentions 'aluminium, potassion alum, alum or zirconium, you're dealing with an antiperspirant.

NUUD thinks and does differently. It chooses to attack the bacteria responsible for the smelly sweat. The most important component is micro silver. This inhibts the growth of bacteria long-term, no bacteria, means no smell. 
Furthermore it doesn't block the pores and allows for the toxins to leave your body.


How do you use NUUD
If you have been using traditional deodorants and antiperspirants for years, your body has gotten used to how these work. NUUD works different and your body will need time to adjust to this.


Tip 1
Don't use too much - Your little tube is remarkably small. However is lasts an average of 6-7 weeks, because it is super-concentrated. You only need the smallest amouth each time. Wash your armpits with soap, dry well and rub about a pea-size of NUUD on each armpit. Remember, not too much! It really is super concentrated.

Tip 2
Discover your application frequency - Despite only applying a little bit at a time, NUUD really does stay effection for several days. On average, people apply NUUD every 3 days. But, everyone has their own frequency, which requires a bit of trial and arror. For example, start applying every other day and then extend this to however long works for you!

Tip 3
Fresh clothes - NUUD neutralises the bacteria responsible for your perspiration smell. It doesn't disguise the smell, it prevents it. It doesn't have a smell of it's own and therefore you have to make sure that the clothes you have been wearing are free form the 'old smells' and bacteria. The armpit areas of clothes have to be properly washed first (perferably with vinegar or alcohol and finished off with a steaming hot iron to kill all the bacteria) before you can start your fresh and odourless new start!

Tip 4

Dare to detox - Perspiring is important for your body. NUUD doesn't contain salts, which block your sweat glands. Regular deodorants or even some natural deodorants contain aluminium salts or baking soda often cause your body's perpiration management to be disturbed and your body to store excess toxins.  There is a possibility  that this will initially intensify your perspiration, in terms of sweat and smell, for a little while. This 'detox' effect stops one  you have been using NUUD for a longer period of time. If you are unsure, start NUUD on the weekend.

Does NUUD become more effective over time?
The longer you use NUUD, the less bacteria come back, hence the less often you will have to apply NUUD. So, start applying every other day and check how long it works for you by adding an extra day in between new applications. This way you will find the right balance for yourself. It would of course be a waste to apply NUUD every thress days if it lasted you a fulle week. However visa versa isn't advisable either.

NUUD and Showering
People are often unsure about NUUD's effectiveness in relation to showering. NUUD has micro silver as one of it's active ingredients and an oil-based cream to keep this micro silver in place. It can be compared to waterproof suntan-lotion, it does not dissolve in water and therefore is perfectly fine to shower, exercise or do whatever you want to do, without the effectiveness diminishing.
Moreover, because of the way NUUD works, you won't have to wash your underarms with soap anymore, in fact, NUUD's effectiveness actually last longer if you don't wash your armpits with (too much) soap, but this of course depends on your personal preferences.







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Wish I'd tried this sooner!!
Saturday, 13 June 2020  |  Rosie

Wow. I am genuinely so, so impressed by this stuff. Finally plucked up the courage to get some and give it a go after umm-ing and ahh-ing for months and I only wish I'd taken the plunge sooner.

I'm the first to admit I'm a bit of a stinky sweater in the normal course of things and assumed it would either not work, or take ages to transition, so I was really surprised when I used nuud for the first time and that evening after a pretty humid, sticky, sweaty day I didn't smell of anything. At all. Like, not even slightly.

Never going back!

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