A Guide to Night Nappies

When I started using cloth 12 years ago, I quickly learnt that requirements for night time can be different to days. A combination that really works for you during the day may not do so well at night. Why is that? There are a few factors to take into consideration as your child develops and grows and we will explore them in this article.

Have you braved night time cloth yet?

I hear lots of people saying they use cloth during the day fulltime but haven’t yet been ‘brave’ enough to venture into nights, maybe one day. Well, let’s make a start, shall we?


Most new babies don’t sleep through the night, for the first few weeks of life you are likely to be woken up a few times at night to feed and change nappies around the clock. In this instance you don’t need to worry about night time nappies. Once your baby gets older, they tend to sleep for longer spells at night time (hopefully!), with that you need more absorbent nappies to do the job.

Which ones to choose

Lots of people choose a 2 parter system for night time, it consists of a nappy of high absorption performance, also known as fitted nappies: such as a Totsbots Bamboozles or Little Lamb Bamboo Nappies, with an outer waterproof layer. For the covers you can get the Totsbots Peenut, Little Lamb nappy wrap, or the Blueberry Capri cover which are all great all rounders - but the Petit Lulu Pull Up is probably the most popular choice for overnight use. Lots of parents rave about these, and you can hear real opinions in our chat group on Facebook.

A two parter system ensures the fitted nappy is almost 100% absorbent, with every inch of it absorbing and soaking up the pee, it basically creates a big surface, hence why is very popular for night time. I personally would recommend having separate night nappies to your day ones, as these are sometimes (not always) bulkier and dry at a much slower speed, I prefer having slimmer and quick drying ones during the day.

What if I don’t want a 2 parter system?

There are plenty of people out there who use all in ones, twos and pocket nappies for night time. Most boost these with inserts to create extra layers that aren’t needed in the day time, however all the extra boosting may make the nappy too big and leave gaps, therefore more prone to leaking.

Is it ok to mix and match nappies and inserts?

Absolutely. I like to add an extra couple of bamboo boosters to our night nappies, as bamboo is affordable and slim. I also use close charcoal night time boosters with our totsbots bamboozles.
Once your baby stops feeding during the night and is sleeping through (how elusive that sounds to me!) you may need to throw an extra insert to do you all night or you may find you need one less insert because they aren’t drinking as much, it is a matter of trial and error, with hopefully no errors!...

How many night nappies do I need?

It all comes down to how often you want to wash them, your drying facilities, how long they take to dry and how busy your schedule is. I am a mum of 4 and work full time. I like to have all nappies organised for the week on a Sunday night, therefore I need 7 night time nappies.

Are there any extra tips to help with night time cloth nappies?

Yes, ensure the fit is correct, you can find a guide to fitting nappies here
If you need extra absorbancy you can fold an insert and place it outside your fitted nappy – between nappy and cover

If you have a boy baby, add a folded insert to the front of the nappy.

Cloth Nappies for Night Time - Extra Fold for Boys

If you have a girl baby, add a folded insert to the middle of the nappy.

Cloth Nappies for Night Time - Extra Fold for Girls

If your baby, either gender, is a tummy sleeper, add extra folded inserts right to the front of the nappy and ensure you have a very snug fit at the waist.