Every Frugi item has their signature features; bright & original prints, sustainable fabrics, and all cut for cloth!
We love that Frugi uses GOTs Certified Organic Cotton grown by trusted farmers, and they are all made under Fairtrade conditions.

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Frugi Mega Mystery Box - Female Styles
Frugi Mega Mystery Box - Male Styles
Frugi Mini Mystery Bag - Female Styles
Frugi Mini Mystery Bag - Male Styles
Frugi Crafty Pencil Case - Pegasus Twilight
£8.00   £4.40
Frugi Fearne PJs - Glow in the Dark Mermaid
From:  £7.20
Frugi Jamie Jim Jams - Land Sea Sky
From:  £9.00
Frugi Libby Leggings 2 Pack - Dahlia Skies
From:  £8.40
Frugi Little Summer Gift Set - Puffling Practice
£30.00   £9.00
Frugi Mavis Outfit - Watermelon Horse
From:  £10.20
Frugi National Trust Reversible Shorts - Garden
From:  £6.90
Frugi Nia Reversible Dungarees - Allotment Green Daisy
From:  £10.80
Frugi Orwin Outfit - Dinosaurs
From:  £8.70
Frugi Oscar Outfit - Bug Search
From:  £10.20
Frugi Parsnip Dungaree - Bug Search
From:  £13.20
Frugi Poppet Pull Ups 2 Pack - Hedgehog Huddle
£30.00   £16.50
Frugi Puddle Buster Coat - Watermelon Pegasus
£45.00   £24.75
Frugi Puddle Buster Wellies - Puffin Puddles
£28.00   £15.40
Frugi Puddle Buster Wellies - Watermelon Pegasus
£28.00   £15.40
Frugi Rex Jumper - Grey Marl Penguins
£30.00   £16.50
Frugi Rio Reversible Dungarees - Rainbow Check
From:  £10.80
Frugi Rosalie Reversible Shorts - Allotment
£28.00   £8.40
Frugi Shay 2 Pack Body - Hedgehog Huddle
£24.00   £13.20
Frugi Sienna Outfit - At The Allotment
£32.00   £9.60
Frugi Ted Fleece Explorer Hat
From:  £4.20

Page 1 of 1:    25 Items

Frugi Organic Cotton Clothing is designed to last, made with love, and from ethically sourced materials. All of their products are 100% fair trade, GOTS certified organic cotton clothing for babies and children, that is soft, earth friendly and extremely durable. Everything from Frugi is cut with cloth nappies in mind, from tiny baby up to 4 years, meaning there is there little bit of extra space in Frugi clothing to accommodate a cloth bum without the risk of compression leaks. Frugi uses fun designs and unique appliques which really make their clothing stand out in a crowd, here at The Nappy Gurus we love everything Frugi and the ethical fashion revolution they stand for.

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