Brolly Sheets

Brolly Sheets are the creators of the bestselling waterproof bed pads, designed to hold up to 2 litres of liquid and perfect for all your bedwetting needs!

brolly sheets bed wetting protection

Brolly Sheets are all about making life easier with their range of sustainably made and well-loved waterproof bed wetting protection and toilet training products. Their range of reusable and machine washable bedding protection is 100% waterproof so you can be confident in their products to keep yours and your little one's bed dry and have nights of undisturbed sleep. These products are designed to be reused and last for years to come, this is reducing the amount of single use bed sheets going to landfill and helping to keep our planet clean. Only top quality materials are used in Brolly Sheet's products so you can be sure they will be comfortable, easy to wash and quick dry to dry as well as super long lasting, all their bed pads are also 100% crinkle and sound free!