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Nappy Guru Julie takes a look at our new Eco lunchbox range - Huski

Thursday, 28 January 2021  |  Team TNG

Are Packed-Lunches Eco-Friendly 

The past few years I've really tried to make a conscious decision to make eco swaps without causing too much change to the way I do things on a daily basis.
There were some really easy swaps, such as a reusable water bottle and coffee cup, I don't even think of those things as 'eco swaps' anymore, it's just become 'the norm'.
I don't leave the house without one, I could dedicate a cupboard in my kitchen to reusable cups/bottles and I can't even remember the last time I actually bought a bottle of water.

More recently I've noticed a new 'normal' habit forming and it is to my absolute horror, and that is - PACKED LUNCHES!
I make a packed lunch for my 9 year old, my 3 year old and myself and I try really hard to keep it with as minimal waste/packaging as possible.

I avoid buying multipacks of crisps or biscuits, choosing to 'decant' a big pack into small lunch boxes or reusable zip up bags. I buy big tubs of natural yogurt and scoop into glass
jars with a squeeze of honey on top instead of tubes! I also cut my own cheese instead of buying the round red or stringy ones.
Even better if we bake biscuits, cheese straws or bite size scones.

I know these things can take a bit more time but I try to make the next day's lunches as I'm preparing dinner in the afternoon/evening.
The other day I was at work, at a Preschool, and a child had a packed lunch with 7 - SEVEN - pieces of rubbish!!!
Their lunch box consisted of a plastic juice bottle, a box of raisins, a pack biscuits, a pack of crisps, a yogurt tube, a sandwich wrapped in cling film, and a wrapped cheese.
Now, this child attends 3 days a week, term time only, which according to my calculations is a whopping 525 little pieces of waste in one child's lunch over a year!!!
I wish I could encourage more families to try and reduce the amount of waste they are packing into their little one's lunch boxes.


Our little ones notice things and as we are trying to protect this big beautiful planet of ours, we really should be modelling better habits for them.

The Nappy Gurus are adding more eco essentials to their website, and I am SO excited for the new Huski Lunch Box.
They are eco-friendly & sustainable and made of Rice Husk, which is non toxic, melamine, BPA & silicone free.

The Huski is a really cute design. It has two storage compartments and a hinged locking lid with two collapsible handles.
It isn't leakproof (and it doesn't claim to be), but it does contain most foods (probably not soups unless you're able to keep it upright).
It will be perfect for me to take my salads and pasta into work.

You can check them out here they come in 3 gorgeous colours, Duck Egg, Rose and Pistachio. 

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