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LastObject have done it again... Introducing LastRound

1 CommentMonday, 8 February 2021  |  Ruth TNG

When it comes to eco-products, there is a fine line between remaining eco, by replacing disposable products and not filling your home with eco alternatives, that you would never had originally needed. 

So when LastObject launched LastRound on kickstarter, I was dubious, I spoke to my contact at LastObject and she offered to send me the product to have a look at and see what I thought in person. 

When it arrived, she'd sent me three! I passed these on to three of our gurus who I know use make-up rounds. I then asked them for their feedback.

LastRound is wonderful if you're looking for a low effort solution to reusable make-up pads.

The cleverly designed case allows you to rinse the pads then place them back in the bottom, so there's no need to wash them in the machine every time you use them.

They're the closest in feel to disposable cotton rounds that I've found, and do a fantastic job of getting your face clean. They do feel a little stiff out of the packet, but soften up nicely once they're damp. Love them! 


When the LastRound arrived, I was amazed at just how much they actually looked and felt like the traditional disposable cotton pads, just a little rough and stiff to begin with. The main difference however, is once wet they turned soft, but still had the durable feel to them. I used two rounds and my usual cleaner to remove a whole face of make-up (that's including heavy eye make-up) just by rinsing them out under warm water between each section of the face. Once used, I simply popped them in the wash! I washed them alongside clothes, just with a cold rinse before, and they came up pretty clean. There was a minor staining from my eyeliner, but I've found drying them in sunlight seems to have helped with that. I absolutely LOVE the little case that they come in! It's made from plant-based material and has a section at the bottom that allows you to re-insert the newly washed rounds. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the LastRound and think it's a brilliant alternative to disposable cotton pads. My only concern would be, if you're like me and wear a full face of make-up, you may need a few extra rounds in your stash!


I had never heard of LastRound before, but I'm SO happy I have now! Their reusable rounds are the eco-friendly version of cotton wool rounds. 
When they first arrived, I was confused as the rounds were solid. Really rough and hard, but as soon as you wet them, they look and feel just like cotton wool! They go hard again once dry. 

Best thing is, you can machine wash them! I popped them in my netted bag, and washed as normal on 30! They came out like new! I was gobsmacked at how amazing they are, and will definitely be purchasing more to build up my stash! 


So given, the feedback I received from the gurus, I placed an order with LastObject, and here we are, launching them just weeks later.

I've tried them, I've used them and I absolutely love them! I totally get it now!

I much prefer the size to the other reusable make-up rounds available as I feel I can concentrate on one area of my face to remove the make-up.

The case is handy to keep them all in one place, as I currently have mis-placed a lot of my other make-up rounds. 

I would also recommend washing them in a mesh bag to keep them all in one place in the machine. I wash mine with my family cloth (some people will gasp at that thought)... but the washing machine, well, it washes them ;)

LastRound refills, coming soon! 



Tuesday, 9 February 2021  |  14:01

I need these. I'm forever running around trying the find the bag of cotton wool when I need it or I run out. These would be perfect, practical and eco friendly xx

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