Thursday, 19 March 2020  |  Laura @ TKC

Updates from Team TNG



These are unprecedented times and here at The Nappy Gurus HQ we have been taking each day as it comes. Up to this point we have been operating as usual, albeit under increased strain from surging order demand.

The time now comes where we must take extra care of our HQ staff, and their families. We are a small team, working together closely, and we have to minimise any risk in any way possible.

As such, from today until further notice our office team will be working from home, with a drastically reduced number of people working to process orders in the warehouse.

What this means for you:


  • Set shopping hours are now in place, in order to make it manageable in the warehouse. These hours are 5pm - 9pm each evening


  • Order processing time will likely be impacted, please allow up to 2 working days for your order to be shipped.


  • In the event that your order is impacted by out of stock or unavailable items, that item will be automatically removed from your order and refunded. Whole orders may be cancelled in the same way.


  • Our Personalised Nappy Advice support team is operating as usual. Note that bookings will not be taken for face-to-face support.


  •  Customer service emails will be handled as usual, however our Telephone service will no longer be in operation.


  • Our office team is now working from home so returns processing will be delayed until they are able to return to the premises. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these unprecedented times.


  • International, Royal Mail 24, and Next Day Delivery services are temporarily suspended.


We will continue to do our best in these difficult times, stay safe and well, and love to all x

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