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Who we are

Back in 2009 The Nappy Gurus concept was born, as a way to reach parents and help them to get started on their cloth nappy journey.

By 2013 there were 50 dedicated mamas across the UK on a mission to share the love of cloth. This included running stalls at local events, one-on-one demonstrations and offering email and telephone support.

6 years on, The Nappy Gurus are BACK, and with a mission larger than ever.

Our planet simply can not sustain our disposable culture. Time is of the essence, and we are here to spread this critical message.

What we offer

Our primary goal is the keep the world of cloth nappies simple- to encourage parents to make the switch without feeling overwhelmed. We provide help and advice across the following platforms:


This dynamic platform enables us to reach a wide audience of parents with the beauty of cloth. Via Instagram we can inspire people to consider cloth nappies as a modern, appealing and practical option. Follow us for inspiration, tips and connect with our team of Nappy Gurus.

Find our account HERE


We have an active Facebook page where we encourage discussion around the issues of plastic waste, and promote the use of cloth nappies and wipes. We will also promote our latest offers, and new releases here.

Find our page HERE

We also have a Facebook group, where our team of Nappy Gurus comes together with parents from all over the world to discuss nappies, and eco-conscious parenting. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to post them in here to receive a range of support and responses. This is a nice community to connect with and chat all things cloth!

Find our group HERE


Video media is the best way to show you the in's and out's of cloth nappies- how they work, how to fit them, and to take a look at each style and brand. We regularly upload new handy videos, tips and tricks.

Find our Youtube channel HERE and many of our products will have a link to a Nappy Guru Review.


Here at TNG online you will find a broad range of cloth nappies and accessories- everything tried and tested by our team. We pride ourselves in offering straight forward descriptions, and each product has a bit about "Why we love it". Most nappy listings also feature a section showing you how they look inside, plus sizing and care guides.


Still have questions about cloth nappies? No problem! Complete our Recommendation Form and one of The Nappy Guru team will be happy to help


In 2020 The Nappy Gurus scooped Best Independant Retailer and Best Online Retailer in the Loved by Parents awards. Thank you for your votes!


We are proud members of The Nappy Alliance- a collective of retailers and cloth advocates working to promote to government, politicians and the media the vital importance of combatting single-use nappy waste in the UK and encouraging the use of reusable nappies.





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