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Smartipants - Smart Choice 24pk

Smartipants - Smart Choice 24pk
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Brand:  Smartipants
Sizing:  One-Size
Drying Time:  Excellent
Ease of Use:  Excellent
Fastening:  Poppers
Made in:  USA


9 in stock  

9 in stock

Nappy Accessories BundleNappy Accessories Bundle


smartipants 3 packsmartipants 12 packsmartipants 24 pack  Smartipants One Size Nappy- 24 Pack



Designed by Jessica Burman, the original inventor of the first ever birth to potty pocket nappy (the Wonderoo), Smartipants are the true evolution of the modern cloth nappy.

Easy to Use and Reuse:

Smartipants™ are both easy to use and easy to care for. Simply place the self-removing absorbent Smart Sleeve insert into either side of the sleeve, and it will stay snugly in place until you remove the nappy from your baby. Unlike most other pocket nappy style systems,once the Smartipants nappy is removed, there's no need to take out the insert - it comes out in the wash! So no mess involved! They are as simple as a disposable, but rather than throwing them away, you throw them in the nappy bucket! Simple!



Easy to Wash:

Smartipants™ feature a special suede cloth lining on the inside of the nappy which not only absorbs and traps moisture for a nice dry bottom, it also repels solids.

There is no need to rinse or soak your Smartipants, they can just be thrown straight in the bucket ready for wash day. Washing your nappies is simple- a cool rinse cycle is recommended to clear everything out, followed by a 40° wash cycle with 1/3 of your usual amount of detergent and no fabric softener. Your nappies can either be line dried or on an airer, or tumble dried on a low heat.

Smartipants are designed to dry completely in just a few hours.

Leak Guard Technology™:

keeps the moisture inside the insert and away from the sides of the nappy, helping to prevent leaking from the legs. Moisture is kept contained and your baby stays dry!





One Size Fits All:

Smartipants™ Nappies are fully adjustable so that they can be form-fitted to your baby at any age and size, from newborn to toddler. They grow with your baby from approximately 7lbs up to 35lbs. Snap fastenings down the front rise of the nappy enable you to adjust the sizing as and when you need to. One-Size nappy systems are a hugely economical option.

smarti pants


Smartipants are manufactured in their own dedicated facility in California, USA and are of a superior quality. They feature super strong snap fastenings which are guaranteed for 2 years.Each nappy comes complete with a super absorbent microfibre Smart Sleeve™ Insert


Pack of 24 Smartipants™ One-Size nappies for just £275! Thats just £11.45 per nappy! 




Smart Choice 24 Pack Contains:

24 x Smartipants One-Size Nappies

Each nappy comes complete with a super absorbent microfibre Smart Sleeve™ Insert

The Smartipants Smart Choice 24 Pack is the perfect solution for parents who want to stash up on effective real nappies and not have to worry about it anymore!

24 Nappies is all you will need to use cloth nappies full time!

What else will I need?

Liners: You may choose to use disposable liners inside your nappies to help with the removal of solids, however these are optional and are not essential.

Nappy Bucket or Hanging Pail: Any lidded bucket or hanging pail can be used to store your wet nappies. There is no need for soaking, they can be thrown into the empty bucket or bag ready for wash day. If using a bucket, mesh bags or pail liners can be used to make transferral of your nappies from the bucket to the machine really easy.

Wet Nappy Bag: This is a waterproof bag to be kept in your changing bag that can be used to store your wet nappies when you are out and about. We recommend the Smart Tote

Boosters: These are optional and may be used if your child is a heavy wetter, or for night-time boosting. Our fabulous range of nappy boosters can be seen here

Job done! Take a look at our Accessory Bundles for has everything in one place at great prices!

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Smarti Pants
Thursday, 7 March 2013  | 

Haven't used the nappies yet as baby not due for a little while but wanted to be prepared. Colour of nappy is perfect for either sex (aqua breeze). Have washed and dried them a few times as advised and dry very quickly. Looking forward to using them properly

A great buy
Monday, 10 October 2011  | 

After trialling quite a few different brands it was an easy choice deciding that the Smartipants were what we wanted to go for. They seem to be very well made, are not at all bulky, and we particularly like the pocket design so that we dont have to touch the wet inserts for them to get clean. They always wash out of the nappy on their own. I love the snapping fastening, they are sturdy and dont come undone on their own. We now have 26 Smartipants in total and dont use anything else, can't realy fault them at all.

They really are a smart choice!
Friday, 17 June 2011  | 

At 11.45 a nappy, this kit is really good value for money. It is enough for 2 days and a some spares for a newborn or 3-4 days for an older baby. You'll never run out.
The colours are quite pleasant, but I could do with some more or patterned ones.
They fit my little chubby one well, with minimal red marks, about the same or a bit less than with disposables.
Best of all, my little one's bottom has been completely rash free for the first time since she was born (she's 9 months old). After trying every cream, lotion and potion, and numerous trips back and forth to various GPs, one suggested cloth nappies. Problem sorted!
They are really easy to use. I only have one extra load of washing every other day. If you use a liner (Little Lambs fit well and are super soft), poo really isn't anymore difficult to deal with than a disposable. The inserts stay soft, even if they're line-dried and they dry really fast, even without a tumble-dryer. They take about 10 minutes to dry in my dryer. The outers dry really fast too, a couple of hours or so on an airer.
The Leakguard really works and these nappies last 3-4 hours on my olympic widdler. I haven't tried them any longer and we haven't had a poo escape yet. The only time we had a wee leak, was when I was using a very cheap fleece liner that didn't let moisture through. The wee just ran straight off it and out of the leg. I have since changed to Little Lambs Liners and she's not had a leak since.
For extra absorbancy, should I need it in the future, I am going to purchase some Little Lambs Bamboo Boosters.
I'm going to save money, my wheelie bin (collected fortnightly) won't pong this summer, but best of all, my daughter's bottom is, well... as soft as a baby's bottom.
Love them, love them, love them!

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