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Close Pop-In Nappy New Gen V2

Close Pop-In Nappy New Gen V2
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Brand:  Close Pop In
Sizing:  One Size
Absorbency:  Excellent
Drying Time:  Average
Ease of Use:  Good
Fastening:  Hook & Loop
Containment:  Good

Close Pop In

Close Pop-In New Gen V2

close pop in nappy

The Pop-In Nappy V2 nappy is one of the best 'all in two' and super absorbent nappies available on the market- and now in PRINTS!!!

These components make the Pop-In nappy extremely customisable in terms of absorbency, and can be used for both day and night time use with great results. Bamboo fibre is highly absorbent, and The Nappy Gurus love the Pop in Nappy for its reliabilty and superior absorbency.

Do note that the down side of a super absorbent fibre will always be that it does take longer to dry, so if you do not have a tumble drier or do not wish to rely on one, you might be better off with something quicker drying.

As a one-size style nappy, the Pop-In is designed to fit from birth to potty training and the New Generation Pop In has 4 rows of poppers down the front rise which allow you to adjust it as your baby grows. This provides you with a fantastically economical option, as you do not need to worry about buying new sets of nappy as your little one grows.

Teamed with the Nighttime booster inside, you don't get much thirstier that this nappy! This is one of the few all-in-one/all-in-two style nappies that we would recommend for night use as well as day use.

One-Size: To fit from 8-35lbs approx.

Features of the New Gen V2 Nappy

The New Gen V2 Pop In Nappy is made from gorgeously soft and incredibly absorbent bamboo on the inside and the outer shells come in a range of colours and prints. NOTE: The bamboo inners are not compatible with previous versions

  • Birth to Potty
  • Highly absorbent
  • Improved containment
  • New concealed laundry tabs for maximum comfort
  • Tab poppers replace the back poppers on the soaker for maximum comfort
  • A more flexible fit

NewThe New Gen V2 Pop-in is made from gorgeously soft and incredibly absorbent bamboo inners and the outer shells come in different colours and prints. NOTE: The bamboo inners are not compatible with previous versions. 

Features and benefits:  
. Birth to potty  
. Highly absorbent  
. Improved containment  
. Gorgeously soft and incredibly absorbent bamboo

- See more at: http://www.closeparent.com/FeaturedProducts/tabid/240/CategoryID/47/Level/a/ProductID/5944/language/en-GB/Default.aspx#sthash.ZZUNSJpz.dpuf

Each New Generation Pop-In nappy comes complete with the waterproof outer shell, a bamboo soaker and a top bamboo booster.

What else willI need?

Liners: You may choose to use disposable liners inside your nappies to help with the removal of solids, however these are optional and are not essential.

Nappy Bucket or Hanging Pail: Any lidded bucket or hanging pail can be used to store your wet nappies. There is no need for soaking, they can be thrown into the empty bucket or bag ready for wash day. If using a bucket, mesh bags or pail liners can be used to make transferral of your nappies from the bucket to the machine really easy.

Wet Nappy Bag: This is a waterproof bag to be kept in your changing bag that can be used to store your wet nappies when you are out and about. We recommend the Smart Tote

Boosters: These are optional and may be used if your child is a heavy wetter, or for night-time boosting. Our fabulous range of nappy boosters can be seen here

Job done! Take a look at our Accessory Bundles for has everything in one place at great prices!

Average Rating (10 Reviews):  
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015  | 

Im hungarian and i live in Denmark, so excuse me for my english
I have 2 kids. the big was 2 years and the little was 7 months old, when i bought V2. (we have used them for 6-7 month by now)
i was happy to buy these nappies. i bought a test-pack of 5 pieces first. i tried them, they seemd good. than i ordered a pack of 20 and started to use them every day. well, the velcro scratches the big childs leg. this problem you cant see when you try the nappies for 1 day. I tried to put them on her in different ways, but nothing helped. it is just wrong designed (she is not big or fat, she is absolutely normal, and she is 2 year and 9 months now)
my little one can fit in the nappies. for now...
i think these are not good for older kids. i mean for those who are between 2 and 3 years old.
i wouldnt buy them again
- night time booster - i tried them once on my kids and the "package" is just too big. it must be really unconfortable to sleep in it. so I use the one-time paper diapers at night :-`(

Our new favourite nappies
Tuesday, 3 March 2015  | 

Wanted to try a pop-in as had heard good things, and this was even better than expected. Absorbent bomb-proof and a lovely fit on my little one. The popper system works really well, and I find it quicker to put back together after washing than pocket nappies. Can't recommend highly enough.

Monday, 2 February 2015  | 

We've been using nappies for two years now, but as I've just had another baby, we wanted to take the opportunity to use the Council nappy initiative money to try a new brand. We have been using two part nappies since birth, but were looking for a slimmer fit. We first used the Pop-Ins on my son when he was about 12lb, and TotsBots weren't working because of his relatively skinny legs. Having the double gusset around the legs, they have contained all poosplosions, and look gorgeous on him. they wash nicely and dry as quickly as any other nappy, in my airing cupboard. We are loving the fun prints too. We will definitely be buying more of these nappies in the future.

The king of nappies!!!
Thursday, 22 January 2015  | 

Night times, long car journeys... These bad boys have never failed me. They take a while to dry but they absorb sooo much. I've had 12 hours out of these with no leaks. The former version of these nappies were great but then they made them even better. Of all my nappies these are dads and grandparents favourites.

Big Improvement
Friday, 16 January 2015  | 

I am very impressed with the V2. They fixed the hick ups from the first model and the bamboo is even better softer and more absorbent. Drying time of the inserts is the same but bamboo just doesn't dry fast. On containment there super, good system to invest in.

My go-to nappy
Thursday, 8 January 2015  | 

Robust but slim fitting. Absorbent with a double gusset to hold in any potential leaks. The night boosters are sufficient to get my 7 month old through 12 hours! The shells are intelligent and draw moisture away from the inserts. Well worth the investment!

tried and love
Friday, 16 May 2014  | 

First time I've tried pop in, and I really like it. Good absorbent, lovely colour, great fit on my baby

No Leaks!!
Tuesday, 6 May 2014  | 

Close Parent Pop In are my go to nappy and this new generation has not failed to impress. The fit is wonderful and sleek without the bulking other nappies seem to have when used on very young babies. They seem very comfortable and yet again no leaks (I use the bamboo so can't comment on the microfiber) not even with the worst poosplosions and even without a night time booster this nappy lasts my 14 week old the night - a full 9 hours. The new designs are lovely and the fabric has a soft and silky touch making them heaven to put on. The only issue I would say is that the new wash tabs are a bit fiddly and a bit more time consuming than the previous design. Which is why I have only given this product a 4*.

I LOVE it!
Sunday, 6 April 2014  | 

I love these. Wasn't sure about the original version in our 'try cloth for 10' pack as I thought the velcro wash strip was scratchy on my baby. However, the V2s have fold away taps which solve this problem. The nappy washes well. Outer shell dries quickly; the bamboo takes much longer. I plan to buy extra insert sets when they bring out those compatible with this version. Nappy is quick and easy to put together after a wash. I use these with a Little Lamb triple booster at night and our baby stays super dry. We have the hippo print and can't wait to get the other three designs (and will keep my eye out for future prints!).

Love these...
Friday, 28 March 2014  | 

Love the prints, fit is much better than the previous version, like the way they are easily boosted without creating a massive amount of extra bulk, but the bamboo does take a while to dry.

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