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Blueberry Mini Coveralls

Your Price:  £13.50(VAT Free)
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Brand:  Blueberry
Sizing:  6-18lbs
Ease of Use:  Good
Fastening:  Poppers
Containment:  Excellent
Made in:  USA


Blueberry Mini Coverall

The smaller, but just as cute version of the Blueberry Coverall wrap and a great nappy wrap solution for the teeny-tiny stage. The One-Size Coverall version will fit from around 10lbs, but will be big at the lower end of the size range, and most babies will benefit from having a small size when using cloth from birth or within the first few weeks.

The Mini Coverall is adjustable wrap for use with your preferred prefold, flat or fitted nappy, and will provide a neat fit over most nappies. It has double-gusseted legs, making them suitable for use with prefolds and aiding newborn poop containment! 

Made from a lightweight, waterproof fabric with a laminated inner and latex free elastic covered by soft binding, to prevent irritation on sensitive skin.

This wrap is so versatile as it can be wiped clean/dry and reused immediately and will fit babies from approx 6lbs to 18lbs.





Average Rating (11 Reviews):  
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Good containment
Friday, 20 February 2015  | 

These covers are great for containing those new born blowouts

my absolute favorite
Thursday, 15 January 2015  | 

I Love this wrap I'm a fan of the full size and the mini has not disappointed. It is perfectly sized for newborns but has adjustable raise so last a while. it has nice soft bindingaround the legs so dosent mark and it contains everything. I've used it with shaped nappies, prefolds terries,muslins and find it works well with all of them. The prints are super cute can not find a negative thing to say about these wraps.

Good wrap
Wednesday, 22 October 2014  | 

This wrap is great, no leaks and good fit but I now have a 2 month and can't use them any more becuase they are too small. I should have bought one size.

Too cute to cover
Tuesday, 21 October 2014  | 

Excellent coveralls. I have used these with fitteds, boosters and even, on laundry day, with muslins folded into diaper shape. Leakage occurred only when the inner diaper was completely beyond saturated, and then, still only minor damage!

I've got one with poppers, one with loop&hook, to see which I preferred, but both are excellent. Easy to adjust to the right size, easy to fasten/open, easy to clean when soiled.

And the cute prints are enough to convert even the most skeptical diaper-changer!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014  | 

Really reliable, no leaks so far. Use with terry squares and totsbots bamboozle. good fit on my premature baby although not a very deep coverall so not sure how much more use I'll get out of it on my now 7lb. Long skinny 6 weeker.

Thursday, 18 April 2013  | 

Really love Blueberry products. These are great quality and really pretty, a fab wrap for smaller babies as the one size coveralls are very generously sized (read massive)!

Very nice
Thursday, 11 April 2013  | 

Have not used yet as still pregnant. Arrived very quickly. Looks and feels very good. Quality of seams and fasteners is very good. And the little giraffes are adorable!

Love them!
Monday, 11 March 2013  | 

Lots of people had recommended these to me and I have to say BRILLIANT! we use them over our night time nappy and they are always bone dry in the morning. The fit is excellent, no marks left on the skin and easy to fasten and the poppers don't come undone. I want another one now!

Perfect for newborn
Sunday, 3 March 2013  | 

These were great for when LO was itty bitty. The smallest setting is tiny! The gussets really helped with newborn poo containment and he looked so cute in them.
The only issue I found was finding an insert small enough for the smallest setting. I ended up having to cut a few prefolds in half and re-hemming the open sides. I now use those bits as cloth wipes.

Great wrap for newborn
Saturday, 29 December 2012  | 

I used these with Little Lamb Size 1 and TB Stretchies. never leaked. Also good with flat and fitted. If you only want to use prefolds and terries and not AIOs, get at least three wraps. They dry quickly and you don't have to wash them after every use, but accidents happen a lot. The wrap itself is bomb proof, but if the poo gets on the wrap inside, you have to wash it and wait for it to dry for 2-4 hours. Sometimes handwashing is not enough and it has to go in with the rest of the nappies.

What I used to do, when changing, I took the wrap off and left haninging to breathe and use another one with a new fitted LL. With next changing, I'd use the first wrap again and left the second to breathe. Sometimes, It took days til they needed washing, sometimes I went through all four wraps (2 BB mini , 1 TB size 0 and 1 LL size 1, too huge, so I only used this as a back up) I had within afternoon. Not the wrap's fault, usually the LO peed or pooed on it during changing time.

Hook and loop was easier to use and get a better fit than poppers, I had one of each and if possible reached for hook and loop. Now, with the coverall, both h&l and poppers work fine.

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