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Emma Collins - Nappy Guru for West Fife

Area Covered

West Fife and Central Scotland

About Me

Hi I'm Emma. I live in the west of Fife near Dunfermline with my 4 daughters. I also work in Glasgow so I am over that way during the week doing occupational health & safety physio. 
I have a very varied parenting background from bottle fed, cry it out, disposable nappies & prams to breastfed, co sleeping, cloth bumming & babywearing.
We used terries with my 8yr old daughter but didnt last past a few months due to lack of knowledge about folds, variation of wraps etc but in the last 15months I have been full time cloth bumming my baby & night time clothing my toddler. I look forward to sharing the cloth love because I have never looked back & even the dolls in my house are cloth bummed now! 

Contact Me: emmabogue@hotmail.com

Email: 07733273594



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