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Balmy Notions Bum Balm Review

Friday, 17 January 2014  |  Heidi

Balmy Notions Bum Balm Review by Nappy Guru Hannah
We were really pleased to be sent the Balmy Notions Bum Balm. We were sent the cherry flavour and found it to be decent product that works well with our baby's skin and is easy to apply. 
The cherry smell was nice and not too over powering.  I would usually always choose a natural essential oil fragrance so was a little nervous that the cherry flavour was a synthetic fragrance but this did not cause any issues. 
We did enjoy using the Bum Balm and it worked very well as a general moisturiser, we used it successfully for baby massage too when we ran out of oil. We did however feel that it didn't work as well as CJ's Butter in keeping nappy rash at bay, however our baby does have fairly sensitive skin. We did also have a spate of nasty nappy rash during the trial period after antibiotic use and we needed to use something stronger during that time but it is after all a barrier cream, not a medicated one.
Reading the ingredients list, I'm really pleased that Fill Your Pants have chosen to stock yet another lovely product with natural ingredients that has not been tested on animals and am grateful for the choice to opt for natural fragrances too. 
I think this product is a positive addition to The Nappy Guru range as a choice of bottom butters and will work well as a barrier cream and/or moisturiser that is safe to use with cloth nappies. 
Rating: 3.5